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Waiting for… #EVENTS

Allegra , March 31st, 2017

What do you know: its YET AGAIN time for events! This month our eye was caught by a delightful spread of events addressing transition, cities, waiting, forms of representations…


Goodbye summer, hello autumn #EVENTS

Allegra , September 16th, 2016

What do you know: the summer is finally over – even in parts of the world where we would insistently like to think otherwise – and the fall…


Summer #EVENTS list

Allegra , July 29th, 2016

Hello Allies! Once again, Aude came up with this wonderful list of events for you, to give you a foretaste of the new academic year about to start….


#EVENTS from misconception to transformation

Allegra , May 27th, 2016

Let’s conclude this Allegra week with another one of our monthly events’ post! No thematic focus this time but a few opportunities to further explore the topics of…


Four cheers for Finland! #EVENTS in the North (but not only there)

Allegra , February 26th, 2016

To conclude this Allegra week, it is time for yet another events’ post! These are always a thrill to us: they allow us to get in touch with…


Crime, crises and a competition: #EVENTS in a mad world!

Allegra , January 29th, 2016

You know us: we do not want to miss a single opportunity to publicise hot and exciting events on the anthropological calendar. And because times are dark (to…