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An Anthropological Approach to mHealth: Health & Care in the Smartphone Age

alex.clegg , March 3rd, 2022

Author: Charlotte Hawkins As part of the ASSA project, we are currently working to publish a volume called: ‘An Anthropological Approach to mHealth: Health & Care in the…

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New expert in knowledge integration: congrats!

fstammle , March 2nd, 2022

A word of congratulations to the freshly baked Doctor Ayonghe Akonwi Nebasifu! He just now defended successfully his PhD dissertation with the title Knowledge Integration in Co-management: A…

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The forest spirits who hunt honey

Simon Hoyte , May 23rd, 2021

As unbelievable as it seems to me, I’m now in the final 4 weeks of my PhD fieldwork. Technically, anthropology fieldwork is supposed to be around 1 year…

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Decolonising protected areas: Sapelli in eastern Cameroon

Simon Hoyte , January 17th, 2021

In 2018, the Colombian anthropologist Arturo Escobar remarked: We are facing modern problems for which there are no longer modern solutions What he’s referring to is that the…

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Ethnomedicinal Practices and Behavioral Changes During Deadly Disease Outbreaks: A Commentary and Lesson from Cameroon by Ivo Ngade

Ivo Ngade , October 14th, 2020

In mid-2014, six months after the death of patient zero, the two-year-old boy in the village of Meliandou in Guinea, there were frequent reports of Ebola spikes across Guinea…


Indigenous-led technology can boost biodiversity and ensure human rights

Simon Hoyte , July 28th, 2020

by Simon Hoyte, Alice Sheppard, Marcos Moreu, Megan Laws, and Jerome Lewis Over recent years there have been high profile legal challenges, investigative articles in the media, and…

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Violence, corruption, and false promises: Conservation and the Baka in Cameroon

Simon Hoyte , June 30th, 2020

Originally published by the International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs; Written by me and Catherine Clarke Spending time with the Baka, as we have both done over several…

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“We are weeping with our knowledge of the forest”

Simon Hoyte , May 13th, 2020

I have been living with the Baka, one of Central Africa’s hunter-gatherer groups, for the last 5 months. As an anthropologist, this form of immersion is common because…

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David Zeitlyn on his book, Mambila Divination

| , April 27th, 2020

Interview by Stephan Feuchtwang https://www.crcpress.com/Mambila-Divination-Framing-Questions-Constructing-Answers/Zeitlyn/p/book/9780367199500 Stephan Feuchtwang: Is divination a ritual, despite its…

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Flipping the Script of the Disaster Flick by Elizabeth Durham

Elizabeth Durham , April 20th, 2020

For Cameroonians faced with the realities and stereotypes of their country’s armed conflict, watching COVID-19 hit New York City before Yaoundé is cinematic catharsis.  The WhatsApp messages start…


Recovery Adjourned: Curative Belonging between Cameroon and Germany

Karoline Buchner , October 16th, 2019

Hide Press Release (2 Less Words) Henriette Vogel The point of departure of my fieldwork and the cornerstone of my future Master’s thesis is an event of a…


Spiritual Conservation

Simon Hoyte , September 25th, 2019

“Ecosystems are being destroyed because Africans have severed their relationship between ecosystems and spirituality. It is very very important for people to reintroduce that link, that relationship b…

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Do All African Immigrants Arrive Sick, Desperate, and Empty-Handed on the Shores of Europe? Ask Pamela Feldman-Savelsberg!

Alma Gottlieb , August 13th, 2017

The lives, status, and image of immigrants may constitute the single-most urgent human issue of our time.  In an arresting and captivating new study of Cameroonian mothers now…

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Soccer, Kinship and Migration Dreams in Cameroon

Elyse Bailey , August 12th, 2016

For young men in Cameroon, international soccer dreams and family relations are closely connected.   International men’s football (soccer) match: Germany vs. Cameroon. Photo courtesy Wikime…

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Women on the market: Internet romance in Cameroon

John Postill , January 23rd, 2016

I am currently posting on this blog some notes under the broad theme of media and change in preparation for the volume Postill, J., E. Ardevol and S….