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Éxito mediático

anthropologies , November 17th, 2022

Read Time:4 Minute, 7 Second Aristóteles dijo que el éxito tiene que ver con la excelencia y que ésta es un hábito que debemos trab…


Publicity or Marginality? On the Question of Academic “Silencing” in Anthropology

Maximilian C. Forte , December 15th, 2018

Abstract What is “silencing” and is it out of place in the contemporary North American university? How do “silencing” and “public anthropology” intersect? What are the roles of…


Immigration and Capital

Maximilian Forte , August 4th, 2016

Immigration, rightly or wrongly, has been marched to the frontline of current political struggles in Europe and North America. Whether exaggerated or accurate, the role of immigration is…


Review of a Film by Michael Moore: “Where to Invade Next” (2016)

Maximilian Forte , May 25th, 2016

Having seen almost all of Michael Moore’s films to date, I have no difficulty in applauding “Where to Invade Next” as his best film yet. I may have…