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Doing fieldwork with kids: Part II

lorenagibson , January 16th, 2018

Thanks to some amazing role models in the School of People, Environment and Planning at Massey University, where I studied, I have always known that it is possible…


When Worlds Collide: A tale of parenting and an optimistic undergraduate

lorenagibson , June 28th, 2016

I am pleased to welcome guest blogger Jess Thompson to anthropod. In this post Jess shares her experiences of being a parent and university student, adding to our…


Doing the squiggly writing – a guest blog post

lorenagibson , June 22nd, 2016

I am delighted to welcome guest blogger Charlotte Weston, who agreed to write this piece following my earlier post on Doing fieldwork with kids: Part I. These posts…


Doing fieldwork with kids: Part I

lorenagibson , June 11th, 2016

Recently I started a new research project looking at the social impacts of three Sistema-inspired orchestral music education programmes operating in low decile schools in the Wellington region,…