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Museum Anthropology Review is a Teenager Now; New Issue is Now Out

Jason Baird Jackson , March 30th, 2019

Life got away from me last week and I still have more “Exhibition Week” posts to share, but today I turn attention to the new issue of MAR….

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Material Culture Journalism, 3

Jason Baird Jackson , December 21st, 2018

Thanks to all the friends sharing the material culture journalism. Here is a new batch. The passing of Shan Goshorn is particularly sad to note. “The making of…

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Google Celebrates Native Artist in November 9th Doodle

Jason Baird Jackson , November 10th, 2018

A guest post by Emily Buhrow Rogers. A carved bear by Amanda Crowe (Eastern Band Cherokee) from the collections of the Mathers Museum of World Cultures, Indiana University….

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Two Euchee (Yuchi) Baskets in the Collections of the Philbrook Museum of Art

Jason Baird Jackson , June 24th, 2016

The basketry traditions of the Native South have experienced divergent histories from a common regional tradition of work basketry. Among the North Carolina Cherokee, for instance, the indigenous…

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