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La hipervisibilización de las mujeres en el espacio urbano

Manuel Delgado , May 22nd, 2021

Lesser Ury “Escena de calle berlinesa”, pintado en 1889 Mensaje para la doctoranda Fátima Carcedo en mayo de 2015 SOBRE LA HIPERVISIBILIZACIÓN EN EL ESPACIO URBANO Manuel Delgado…


Del Estado social al Estado penal

Manuel Delgado , March 15th, 2021

Fotograma de la película “District B13 Ultimatum”, de Patrick Alessandrin (2009) Reseña de libro Teoría social, marginalidad urbana y estado penal. Aproximaciones al trabajo de Loïc Wacquant, Igna…


El discurs sobre el gueto i les polítiques de dispersió de pobres

Manuel Delgado , February 22nd, 2021

La foto és de Zoltán Balogh Article publicat al semanari Directa, núm. 47, el 2 de maig de 2007 EL DISCURS SOBRE EL GUETO I LES POLÍTIQUES DE DISPERSIÓ…


El cuerpo como acaecer

Manuel Delgado , February 21st, 2021

La foto es de Bill Cunningham Del artículo “Tránsitos. Espacio público, masas corpóreas“, en A. Ortiz-Osés y P. Lanceros, eds., La interpretación del mundo. Cuestiones para el tercer…


Book Review: The City by Robert E. Park and Ernest W. Burgess

Rose Deller , May 13th, 2020

Andrew Karvonen revisits the classic urban studies book The City by Robert E. Park and Ernest W. Burgess, originally published in 1925, and argues that contemporary scholars can…

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Rick Bayless, Plucky Jollibee, and Globalization

foodanthro , January 23rd, 2020

David Beriss I receive a lot of restaurant industry email. Despite the deluge, sometimes the emails provide glimpses into the industry that I would not otherwise get. For…


In the Journals: December 2018

williamodum , January 18th, 2019

From: Papachristos, A. V., Brazil, N. and Cheng, T. (2018), Understanding the Crime Gap: Violence and Inequality in an American City. City & Community, 17: 1051-1074. doi:10.1111/cico.12348  …


Transgender Latina Activism in the Current Political Moment

Aimee Villarreal , June 13th, 2018

The current political administration poses numerous threats to various minoritized communities in the United States. Anti-Latinx and transphobic sentiments and policy actions are on the rise. Given t…

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DragNet: February 1 – February 15, 2018

anthropoliteiaadmin , February 20th, 2018

Image from ACLU.org For this dragnet update we have several fascinating articles to highlight. Among the stories from the United states was  an article on  the NYPD’s unofficial power…


Marktown: Industrial Heritage at Risk

Kaeleigh Herstad , April 25th, 2017

I finally got to visit the planned worker community of Marktown in East Chicago this weekend. In 1917, industrialist Clayton Mark hired famed architect Howard Van Doren Shaw…

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Turkey Votes

Oguz Alyanak , April 14th, 2017

The Turkish referendum could extend President Erdoğan’s one-man rule. A piece of bicolored paper. On the left is printed EVET (YES), in black font over a white background,…

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