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Thinking in Constellations: Problematizing Indigeneity in the Atacama Desert, Chile

Valentina Moraima Acuña Bravo , May 10th, 2022

This browser does not support HTML5 audio . In October 2021, I flew from the capital of Chile to the driest desert in the world—the Atacama Desert, a…


An Anthropological Approach to mHealth: Health & Care in the Smartphone Age

alex.clegg , March 3rd, 2022

Author: Charlotte Hawkins As part of the ASSA project, we are currently working to publish a volume called: ‘An Anthropological Approach to mHealth: Health & Care in the…

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Feminist Hopes for Chile’s Future

Chelsea Horton , March 5th, 2021

Two million Chileans marched for gender equality and democratic reform on International Women’s Day 2020. With the writing of a new constitution now on the horizon, feminist activists…

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The Networked Animita: Transgender Remembrance on Social Media

Baird Campbell , November 19th, 2020

Tomorrow, November 20th, the world will commemorate Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day to collectively mourn and remember those who have died as a result of transphobia. Started…



Philipp Sarasin , November 18th, 2020

Corona hat die Grenzen des neoliberalen Wirtschafts- und Politikmodells schonungslos aufgezeigt: Das Gesundheitswesen kann nicht allein nach Profitabilitätskriterien organisiert werden, und um eine ti…

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Atmospheres of change

Siri Schwabe , October 22nd, 2020

This month, Chileans will decide whether to set in motion a process to change the country’s dictatorship-era constitution while marking a year since the beginning of a popular…


Bioethical and Biopolitical Considerations Concerning Racism and the COVID-19 Pandemic in Chile

Rebecca_Irons , September 18th, 2020

RAÚL VILLARROEL Given the great shockwaves caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, which in recent months has shaken the whole world, there is cause to suspect that this…

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STS and Electoral Politics

Baird Campbell , August 18th, 2020

In the context of the upcoming US presidential election and increasing evidence of the importance of voting infrastructure, this week we revisit past posts that highlight the key…


The Chilean Estallido, Plebiscite 2020, and Legacies of Truth-Telling

Joseph Feldman , July 15th, 2020

On November 25, 2019, Chilean feminist collective, Las Tesis, gathered in Santiago’s Plaza de Armas. Against a backdrop of anti-Piñera graffiti painted on government buildings, museums, and Catholic…

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Book Review: Resisting Neoliberal Capitalism in Chile: The Possibility of Social Critique by Juan Pablo Rodríguez

Rose Deller , April 22nd, 2020

In Resisting Neoliberal Capitalism in Chile, Juan Pablo Rodríguez examines two recent social movements leading the social and political contestation against neoliberalism in Chile, not only showing ho…

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Before They Erase It: Memory and the social media archive

Nell Haynes , November 13th, 2019

Disponible en español aquí. This afternoon, I began to notice increasingly alarming images, posts, and tweets from my interlocutors in Santiago. It appeared that Santiago was on fire,…


South America’s Golden Fleece

Alexandra Frankel , May 16th, 2019

In the Andes, a fine fleece is highly prized. Yet, scientists’ understandings of genetic variation and classification diverge sharply with local herders’ relations with their herds.  The guanaco,…

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On Duty for the CIA: German Nazis and Italian Fascists

Maximilian C. Forte , March 29th, 2019

Apart from employing German Nazi scientists, and adopting the methods, principles, and science of the Nazis in developing modern warfare, for what other purposes were Nazis sought after…


The Role of Scientific Discourse in Chile’s Trans Rights Movement

Baird Campbell , June 26th, 2018

También disponible en español aquí. On June 18, 2018, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the removal of “transsexuality” (a term based on psychiatric diagnosis and maligned by…


On Contamination: Conservation Science in Devilish Landscapes

colinhoag , January 23rd, 2018

By Meredith Root-Bernstein, Institut National de Recherche Agronomique, Grignon, France § When you first see the gold mine in Alhué you are impressed by how massive the cascade of…


Im Reisefieber

Tomke , November 4th, 2017

Dieser Blogeintrag ist schon seit Langem überfällig und Charlotte ist mir natürlich schon zuvorgekommen – zumindest was den Teil in Chile betrifft. Ich meine natürliche unsere Reisen in…

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Besuch von der Osterinsel

Tomke , October 14th, 2017

Mit etwas schlechtem Gewissen habe ich festgestellt, dass seit meinem letzten Blogeintrag schon mehr als ein Monat vergangen ist. Das liegt allerdings nicht daran, dass in den letzten vier Wochen…

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Notes on the 14th digital ethnography reading (Haynes 2016)

John Postill , October 18th, 2016

See other posts under Digital ethnography reading group Haynes, N. (2016). Social Media in Northern Chile. London: UCL Press. Summary of Chapter 3, “Virtual posting: the aesthetics of…


Making Homeland (Haciendo Patria): Agrarian Change, Nationhood and Inter-Ethnic Relations at the Frontier of Colonial Expansion in Chile

therezamiller , September 27th, 2016

By Piergiorgio Di Giminiani, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile § As are many other valleys in the southern Andean region of Chile, Coilaco was the setting of some of the last…


Fish Kills and Protests on the Islands of Chiloé

Elyse Bailey , May 20th, 2016

  Protesters set fire to a barricade near Castro. Photo courtesy Richard Vercoe Southern Chile’s Archipelago of Chiloé is a region best known for its mythology, historic churches,…

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Vernacular and Vulgar Humor on Chilean Tumblrs: Negotiating National and Local Belonging

Emma Louise Backe , May 12th, 2016

By Nell Haynes Social media is no longer the geek domain it once was, with the Americas and Europe approaching a fifty percent penetration rate, and an overall…

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Un Manjar: Viral Chilean slang

ucsanha , May 12th, 2016

  In Chile, “manjar” is a kind of sweet sauce, similar to dulce de leche or caramel. It’s often used as filling in layer cakes or atop pancakes….

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From the Centre of Europe to the End of the World: Intimate reflections on activism, healing and belonging in the field

Mina Baginova , September 15th, 2015

I was not feeling any particular excitement or thrilling feverishness. Preparing for the unknown journey into fieldwork in Santiago de Chile to research inner dynamics of the student social…


Ropa americana online: the local market for used clothing

ucsanha , August 15th, 2015

A Facebook announcement from an online shop in northern Chile announces “Jackets, Vests, and Sweatshirts” Ebay, Etsy, Alibaba, and Taobao have changed the way many people around the…

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