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From Facebook to ‘fakebook’ – who controls the information on social media?

Xin Yuan Wang , November 24th, 2016

A young Chinese factory worker reading on his smartphone. Mark Zuckerberg finally said that Facebook plans to have a more effective control of misinformation, which is a sharp reversal…

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Taking Why We Post to China

Daniel Miller , October 11th, 2016

Although the Why We Post project is primarily an attempt to study the use and consequences of social media, there were other broader aims. Particularly, the hope that…

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Why We Post Tour of Chinese Universities

Xin Yuan Wang , September 12th, 2016

Between 12th-24th September 2016, Professor Daniel Miller and two researchers on the Why We Post project, Tom McDonald and Xinyuan Wang, will give a series of talks about…

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Online relationships with strangers can be ‘purer’ than with offline friends

Xin Yuan Wang , October 26th, 2015

“Internet dog” by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia. As illustrated in the cartoon ‘On the internet, nobody knows you’re a dog’, published by The New Yorker in 1993, the…

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What ordinary Chinese people post on social media after the Tianjin Blast

Xin Yuan Wang , August 24th, 2015

“For two days, my WeChat news feeds has been awash with all kinds of articles and images about the Tianjin blast. But after merely two days, the routine…

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It’s not just about Chinese migrant workers

Xin Yuan Wang , June 22nd, 2015

Chinese female migrant workers working in a local reflective vest workshop. Photo by Xinyuan Wang A question always strikes me as I write up ethnography and prepare for…

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What’s our conclusion? Introducing ‘scalable sociality’

Daniel Miller , June 16th, 2015

Scalable Sociality Right now we are finishing the last of our eleven volumes from this project, a book which will be called How the World Changed Social Media….

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