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Chris Hann: Hayek versus Polanyi in Montréal: Global society as markets, all the way across?

Focaal Web Editor , July 11th, 2017

The workshop “Geographies of Markets”—hosted over three days in mid-June 2017 by the Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy at Concordia University, Montréal—gave scholars from a wide range…


Chris Hann: Beleaguered pseudocontinent: Happy birthday, Europe!

Focaal Web Editor , March 29th, 2017

This post is part of a feature on anthropologists on the EU at 60, moderated and edited by Don Kalb (Central European University and University of Bergen). Sixty…


NEW! — Chris Hann: The new Völkerwanderungen: Hungary and Germany, Europe and Eurasia

Focaal Web Editor , September 11th, 2015

I spent the last weeks of August and the first days of September in Hungary, close to the European Union’s border with Serbia. Never before had a routine…