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The not-so-natural beach

Ryan , September 2nd, 2019

Image 1: Groin in Oceanside California, built in 1961. Photo: Ryan Anderson, 2019. Growing up, I always imagined the beach to be a natural place. I think it’s…


All the value that washes into the sea

Ryan , November 26th, 2018

Failing seawall trying to prevent land (and value) from washing into the sea. Baja California Sur, Mexico, 2012. Photo: Ryan Anderson. In August of this year, the Washington…


Repeat photography & coastal change: From notes and ideas to research method

Ryan , August 2nd, 2018

Image 1: Storm battering the coast of Cabo Pulmo, 10:38 am on September 3, 2012. You never know when or how new research will begin. Let alone how…


Arctic Weather Words

Alexandra Frankel , March 13th, 2018

 In northern Greenland, the words people use to describe the sea ice and weather provide insight into the ongoing effects of climate change. The hunters and fishers of…

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