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Jonathan Parry: The Burdens of the Past: Comments on David Graeber’s Lost People: Magic and the Legacy of Slavery in Madagascar

focaal_admin , December 7th, 2021

Image 1: Book cover of Lost People David Graeber’s Lost People: Magic and the Legacy of Slavery in Madagascar began life as his University of Chicago doctoral thesis….


The Shitty Affairs of British Colonialism in Malaya: Manicuring “Native” Agriculture through Race-Specific Livestock Interbreeding

Aida Arosoaie , October 26th, 2021

In January 2020, I accidentally came across a series of photographs at the UK National Archives documenting agricultural and livestock experimentation in 1930-1940s British Malaya. The peculiarity of…


Acts of Occlusion

guestauth0r , October 18th, 2021

Occlusion is a term that describes a technique of erasure. Here, I show how occlusion works specifically in International Development discourses to set the terms of morality, dominance,…

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Barney Bate’s book, Protestant Textuality and the Tamil Modern

| , August 16th, 2021

https://www.sup.org/books/title/?id=33334 Hannah Carlan interviews E. Annamalai, Francis Cody, and Constantine V. Nakassis Hannah Carlan: Bernard Bate’s posthumous book Protestant Textu…

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Naming the Virus, Becoming the Virus: Affective Forces of Threat from Hà Nội to Atlanta and the Possibility for Anti-Racist Solidarities

Tiên-Dung Hà , July 6th, 2021

“Chống dịch như chống giặc” (“Fight the pandemic like an invader”) has become Vietnam’s slogan in its battle against COVID-19. From the pandemic’s onset until April 2021, Vietnam…


Reading Lists: Residential Schools and Canadian Colonialism

Josh Lepawsky , July 1st, 2021

Content warning: this article covers topics of colonialism and genocide in Canada. In early June of 2021 news reports emerged about the remains of Indigenous children buried in…

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The German Catechism

A. Dirk Moses , May 23rd, 2021

For many, the memory of the Holocaust as a break with civilization is the moral foundation of the Federal Republic. To compare it with other genocides is therefore…

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Reading Lists: Waste Colonialism and Palestine

guestauth0r , May 19th, 2021

When there’s conflict, academics and teachers will often put together a reading list or syllabus to show the breadth and depth of knowledge on a topic that is…

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Substance Use and Abuse in Guyana’s prisons: self-medication by inmates

Dylan Kerrigan - Opeds/Blogs , May 3rd, 2021

This oped was written by our research team from the University of Leicester and University of Guyana The ‘Survey of Individuals Deprived of Liberty: Caribbean 2016-2019’ produc…

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Mental Health in Guyana’s Prisons: a direct legacy of the country’s colonial history?

Dylan Kerrigan - Opeds/Blogs , April 26th, 2021

This oped was written by our research team from the University of Leicester and University of Guyana. The mental health of those who live and work in Guyana’s…

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#Academic Fictions: Cape Town through Time and Space: An Experimental Poem

Carolina Earle , February 23rd, 2021

Part 1: 1921 “Poison Tea, Colonial Imports”, by an Observer    “Them nasty Malays can make it work  months after you take it”, quotes Lady Duff G.: This,…


Firsting in Research

Max Liboiron , January 18th, 2021

Declaring that a research is the “first” to discover, do, or go somewhere is not only rarely correct, given myriad local knowledges since time immemorial, but is also…

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Colonial Spectres

Simon Theobald , November 8th, 2020

What would it mean to be no longer ‘in country’ in Australia? How would the legacies of British colonialism, and the attempted extirpation and survival of Australia’s indigenous…

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The Montanelli Case: Sexuality, Race, and Colonial Forgetting in BLM Italy.

Diego Maria Malara , October 26th, 2020

Indro Montanelli (1909-2001), the most famous journalist in Italian history, is an intellectual figure whose memory commands respect across Italy’s political spectrum. But, following the global protes…


#Book Symposium: Tasting Qualities

Ishita Dey , October 23rd, 2020

How does one reproduce the taste, smell and appearance of any craft based/ industrially produced food commodity? Tea is one of the many beverages with roots in colonialism….


#BookSymposium: Tasting Qualities

Tanya Matthan , October 23rd, 2020

Sarah Besky’s ethnographically and historically rich study of the Indian tea industry begins with a deceptively simple question: what makes a good cup of tea? The answer, it…


#BookSymposium: Tasting Qualities

Sabine Parrish , October 23rd, 2020

As I write this, in the uncertain and tumultuous times of early June 2020, there is a storm brewing in the world of British tea drinkers. On June…


Ep#65 The Social Dilemma, Corpo-Humans, Buying Nothing & Localised Colonialism: This Month on TFS

The Familiar Strange , October 18th, 2020

This week we bring you a panel with Anthea Snowsill who is currently doing her research with the Intha people of Myanmar.  In this panel We’d also introduce…

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Comparing Comparisons: From the “Historikerstreit” to the Mbembe Affair

Michael Rothberg , September 23rd, 2020

In the late 1980s, mostly German intellectuals discussed the question of the “uniqueness” or “comparability” of the Holocaust. In the Cause Mbembe, the fronts, the participants and the…

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Talking about Elections in Northern Kenya

Chelsea Horton , September 14th, 2020

An anthropologist recalls a conversation with three older women as they reflected on their experiences of electoral politics past and present. “What politics have people of nowadays seen;…

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On Taking Credit: Textile Traditions and Fashion Rip-Offs

Jason Baird Jackson , August 15th, 2020

Below find a guest post by Carrie Hertz, Curator of Dress and Textiles at the Museum of International Folk Art in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. –Jason Baird…

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In the Journals – Conflict and Captivity

allisontedesco , August 10th, 2020

POW release to UN authorities was the first step in repatriation. Here, communists turn over UN troops at the POW receiving center at Panmunjon, on the border of…


On the social nature of toilet paper

Matt Barlow , June 4th, 2020

You would be forgiven for thinking that the first thing bought in a global crisis would be tinned, dried, and frozen foods; clean water; and medicines—things that enable…


Destination Anthropocene: An Interview with Amelia Moore

colinhoag , May 19th, 2020

Destination Anthropocene: Science and Tourism in The Bahamas By Amelia Moore, University of Rhode Island 216pp. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press § Colin Hoag spoke with Prof….