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Sequential art for your shopping cart

Matt Thompson , November 16th, 2018

In the past two years I’ve had the opportunity to read some really fantastic graphic novels, including a few that will be of interest to anthropologists. As we…


Illustrated Man #11 – (H)afrocentric

Matt Thompson , February 16th, 2018

Re-spawn. Its been on since dawn. Illustrated Man check your king with a pawn. Don’t know where but I send ’em Make my posts now on Anthrodendum Hey,…


Luke Cage: A Marvel Take on Black History

Emma Louise Backe , February 8th, 2017

By Astrid Countee “Only Forward,” that is the message of Netflix’s latest superhero show, Luke Cage. A message that seems to have shown up just in time for…

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Con-Men: Understanding the Gendered Language of the Comic Book Convention

Nick Mizer , August 22nd, 2016

By Steven Dashiell Featured image based on an Creative Commons image by GabboT. I can clearly remember my first time ever going to a comic book convention. It…

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The Many Roles of Popular Culture in Therapy

Emma Louise Backe , July 17th, 2015

By Peter Olthoff As many therapists will tell you, if you cannot build rapport with the client, if you cannot establish a solid therapeutic relationship, then you simply…

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The Character of Sexual Harassment at Cons

Emma Louise Backe , June 19th, 2015

By Emma Louise Backe At an event where hundreds of individuals from around the country converge in capes and costumes, the symbols and trappings of heroism, we don’t…

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Bam! Pow! Join TaL for a discussion on the world Comic Books and Graphic Novels! 1pm wbrs.org

gmwll , April 1st, 2014

Join your faithful hosts Ryan and Adam for this week’s episode of This Anthropological Life: a journey into the world of comic books and graphic novels. Inspired by…

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