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¿Génesis? Performance Poststructural 2019

Gabriela Vargas-Cetina , December 15th, 2019

Como cada año, este diciembre mis estudiantes del curso Teoría Social Post-estructural presentaron su examen final en la forma de un performance en el que tenían que actuar…

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Americans Can Do Two Things at the Same Time

Maximilian C. Forte , March 13th, 2019

Surely we have heard and seen enough by now that any lingering “optimism” about Trump governing as an anti-interventionist in foreign affairs has totally evaporated. What Trump promised…


Progress, Progressivism, and Progressives

Maximilian C. Forte , March 1st, 2018

Where does “progress” come from? What does “progressivism” mean? Which cultural tradition and ideological discourse makes “progressive” movements or parties thinkable? Why is it always important to be…


Privilege: White, American, or Imperial?

Maximilian C. Forte , January 4th, 2018

To the extent that “white privilege” continues to exist in the US, is it the highest form of privilege? How might a focus on domestic race relations misdirect us from an…


The Working Class, Identity Politics and New Victorian History

Maximilian Forte , July 31st, 2016

Against the Labouring Classes: Identity Politics in the New Victorian Age The New Victorianism serves to not only divert politics into issues of morality and identity, it works…


Social Imperialism and New Victorian Identity Politics

Maximilian Forte , July 31st, 2016

Social Imperialism? New Victorianism’s Domestic Moral Code and the Political Economy of Identity Politics “The nation-state in its imperialist guise was the inescapable context within which all polit…


The New Victorianism, Imperialism, and Identity Politics

Maximilian Forte , July 27th, 2016

Victorian Parallels in the New Imperialism “The New Imperialism” is not a very efficient conceptual phrase since it requires a lot of labour to clarify what one means…


The New Victorianism

Maximilian Forte , July 27th, 2016

“A man…lives not only in the spot which he personally occupies, but in every spot to which he may extend his action, or to which he may conceive…


Nativistic Movements

Maximilian Forte , March 22nd, 2016

Originally published as: “Nativistic Movements” By Ralph Linton and A. Irving Hallowell American Anthropologist, 45(2), 1943, pp. 230-240 NATIVISTIC MOVEMENTS By RALPH LINTON —&#8212…


Encircling Empire: Report #26 — Reviewing Force Multipliers

Maximilian Forte , December 1st, 2015

This and previous issues have been archived on a dedicated site—please see: ENCIRCLING EMPIRE. For frequent updates, please “like” our Facebook page and/or follow on Twitter. Over the…


Concept map: Post-colonial technoscience

philbu , May 28th, 2015

This map visualizes the concept of “post-colonial technoscience” discussed by Smith, L. C. 2010. Locating post-colonial technoscience: through the lens of indigenous video. History and Technology: An …

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打酱油 | Digital folklore & Tumblr as a research tool

Gabriele , November 5th, 2014

What the notebook adds to this strategy of alliance with the fetishism of commodities, however, is that the very instrument of research is a fetish. In English we…

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Review: Europäisch-ethnologisches Forschen. Neue Methoden und Konzepte.

philbu , September 30th, 2014

Budka, P. 2014. Review of Hess, S., Moser, J. & M. Schwertl (eds.). Europäisch-ethnologisches Forschen. Neue Methoden und Konzepte. Berlin: Reimer Verlag, 2013; 332 pp. Anthropos, 109.2014/2: 694-…

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