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Call for Papers – ‘Exploring Blockchain in the Cultural Sector’ Conference

Haidy Geismar , February 24th, 2020

16th October 2020 Institute for Cultural Practices, University of Manchester digitalheritageresearch.wordpress.com/conference-2020/ @Cultural_Block  #culturalblockchain Blockchain is an open, decentr…

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Third R.A.I Photo Salon: Photography and Tourism

Haidy Geismar , November 29th, 2019

Via Haidy Geismar, UCL Anthropology and Chair of the RAI Photography Committee   Sfakian man Manousos Kaftanis is being photographed by a passing traveller at a kiosk in…

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Call for Papers: Materializing the Transient: Ethnographies and Museums in the Study of (Forced) Migration

Haidy Geismar , August 26th, 2019

Call for Papers: “Materializing the Transient: Ethnographies and Museums in the Study of (Forced) Migration” Göttingen, May 14–16, 2020 About the conference Materiality is a fundamental dimension of…

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Encounters on the Shop Floor

Haidy Geismar , June 3rd, 2019

How can we harness the knowledge of the maker for the 21st century? The knowledge created through making, sometimes called ‘embodied’ or ‘tacit’, is fundamental to life and…

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Digitized global mobilities’ The role of new media and digitization in the security approaches of the refugee crisis

Haidy Geismar , February 10th, 2019

3- 4 June, 2019, Utrecht University  Digitization and the use of social media has dramatically changed most aspects of our everyday practices, perceptions and cause severe changes in…

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Second RAI Photo Salon: On Photographic Affordances and the Archive

Haidy Geismar , April 26th, 2018

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Materiality and politics in Latin America.

Haidy Geismar , June 12th, 2017

  Via Ricardo Andres Labra Mocarquer Symposium in Santiago, Chile. November.   The way “things” are analyzed in the contemporary world had changed, from antiquarians to different approaches…

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Call for Panels: Art Materiality and Representation

Haidy Geismar , May 19th, 2017


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Seeing Through? The Materiality of Dioramas (1600-2010)

Haidy Geismar , November 21st, 2016


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UCL Anthropology launches joint cross-section seminar series on “resilience”

David Whyte , October 1st, 2016

UCL Anthropology launches a joint cross-section seminar series titled “Resilience – Merits and Critique of a Concept. Beginning after November reading week, the series will use insights fr…

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Object Lessons: the story of material education in eight chapters

Haidy Geismar , August 31st, 2016

Press release: Duration: September 16, 2016 – January 16, 2017 Opening: Thursday, September 15, 7 p.m. Milanese Mosaic Pastes, Cabinet of Factory Products, c. 1800, Collection T…

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Connecting Materialities / Material Connectivities

Haidy Geismar , August 25th, 2016

International Symposium at the Center for Advanced Studies (CAS), LMU Munich, 9–11 February 2017 Convened by PHILIPP SCHORCH AND MARTIN SAXER Call for Papers Deadline: 31 October 2016…

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Call for Papers: Museums and Their Publics at Sites of Conflicted History

Haidy Geismar , June 20th, 2016

Via Barbara Kirschenblatt Gimblett Museums of history face a particular challenge in societies that have experienced conflict and violence in recent memory and radical geopolitical and ideological cha…

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Care on Display

Haidy Geismar , June 16th, 2016

Via Gabriela Nicolescu, Goldsmiths College Thursday 23 June 2016 06:30pm – 08:30pm, Film screening and discussion Care on Display Care on Display brings together documentary and artistic fi…

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Call for Papers: Visual Anthropology and The City

Haidy Geismar , June 11th, 2016

Via Barbara Knorpp, UCL Institute for Archaeology/Museum Studies Photo: Paola Catrica Photo: Paola Catrica Visual Anthropology and the City is a one-day-symposium at UCL, which brings together anthrop…

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Creating African Fashion Histories

Haidy Geismar , June 11th, 2016

Via Helen Mears, Keeper of World Art, Royal Pavilion and Museums, Brighton A conference hosted by Royal Pavilion & Museums, with the Sussex Africa Centre / University of Sussex, and…

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Call for Papers and Visual Submissions: Photography and (con)text/Photography in Academic Research 8-9 September 2016

Haidy Geismar , May 24th, 2016

Via the Royal Anthropological Institute   ‘photography + (con) text’ is pleased to announce a call for papers and visual submissions for a conference on ‘Photography in Academic…

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Austerity Bites: Food Stories from Lewisham

Haidy Geismar , May 23rd, 2016

Via Gabriela Nicolescu, Goldsmiths Exhibition organised by the Goldsmith’sDepartment of Anthropology Venue: Weston Atrium, Stuart Hall Building, Goldsmiths Private View: 24th May, 17.30  Dates: …

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Photography: Between Anthropology and History

Haidy Geismar , May 6th, 2016

Photography: Between Anthropology and History Photographic History Research Centre, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK 20-21 June 2016 Follow us on Facebook and Twitter @PHRC_DeMontfort Conference …

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Call for papers: Foolish things, clever stuff? The material side of nursing and care.

Haidy Geismar , May 6th, 2016

Call for Papers: Foolish things, clever stuff? The material side of nursing and care. 18th– 20th January 2017, Heidelberg Nursing is more than an interpersonal rapport in which…

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CFP: All the Beauty of the World. The Western Market for non-European Artefacts (18th-20th century)

Jo Aiken , January 22nd, 2016

The Institute for Art History / Center for Art Market Studies at Technical University Berlin, together with the CNRS and LabexTransfer Paris, have announced their international symposium: All the Bea…

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Media in Transition

Haidy Geismar , October 5th, 2015

A major international conference focused on the intersection of media art and technological change over time. How is this shifting the way museums operate and how conservation works?…

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Call for papers: The art market in a global perspective

Haidy Geismar , June 29th, 2015

Via Olav Velthuis, University of Amsterdam 28-30 January 2016, University of Amsterdam, Department of Sociology The aim of this multidisciplinary international conference is to bring together theoreti…

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From Home Movies to Homs

Haidy Geismar , May 19th, 2015

The amateur film is becoming a global visual lingua franca, a consequence of the conjuncture of the digital with new and widely accessible film technologies (notably the camera…

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