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DFG Network at Heidelberg: Anthropology of China and Area Studies – Human and More-than-Human

rgchinawebmaster , August 11th, 2022

Last November in Cologne , the DFG Network “Anthropology and China(s)” was launched. Back then we started our collective work on the first theme that we continued at…

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Upcoming: 2nd Conference of the DFG Network “Anthropology and China(s)” in Heidelberg, August 3-4, 2022

rgchinawebmaster , July 7th, 2022

Which versions of China are enacted in relations between area studies and regional anthropologies? And with what consequences? These are the questions we will explore in the second…

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RG China(s) Colloquium: Summer Semester Program

rgchinawebmaster , April 21st, 2022

Next up: Friday, 24 June, 12:30–13:30 Fabienne Wallenwein (Heidelberg Centre for Transcultural Studies, Universität Heidelberg) Reconnecting cultural heritage and landscape in the Congjiang Jiabang Ri…

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Kick-off meeting: DFG Scientific Network “Anthropology and China(s)” in Cologne, November 5-6, 2021

rgchinawebmaster , November 22nd, 2021

Christof Lammer, Marco Lazzarotti, Jean-Baptiste Pettier More than twenty scholars participated in the first of six conferences of our network “Anthropology and China(s)” at the University of Cologne…

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RG China(s) Colloquium: Winter Semester Program

rgchinawebmaster , October 21st, 2021

Next up: February 25, 2022: Cheryl Schmitz (MPIWG Berlin) – “Indebtedness, Predation, and Mistrust in Chinese-Angolan Transactions” – More info in the post!

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