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Students for Zero Waste Conference, 2017 (Philadelphia)

Join The Post-Landfill Action Network at the Students for Zero Waste Conference on November 3rd-4th, 2017, in Philadelphia, PA!

CfP: Hazardous Time-Scapes: How to Make Sense of Toxic Landscapes from Multiple Timed, Spaced, and Embodied Perspectives?

The workshop Hazardous Time-Scapes seeks to understand human-environment relationships through the lens of multiple overlapping time, space, and body regimes as they have (and continue to) play out…

Call for applicants: Anthropocene Campus Philadelphia (deadline July 15)

The ACP will last four days. It is built around four main seminars (each participant will choose 2), and includes a fieldwork day exploring Delaware Valley sites. 

Reorganized Organ: youth mentorship project

Are you an artist, musician, hacker, tinkerer, or generally a curious person, between 18 and 24 years?

CFP: Suspensions: Atmospherics of the Anthropocene (deadline May 26)

This panel aims at expanding the theoretical scope on the Anthropocene by attuning to air, breathe, volatility, atmospheres and suspension as modes of attending to the more-than-solid ecologies…

Call for participation: Enacting Environmental Data Justice

Held on Tuesday, August 29, this event will explore possibilities for data justice through a framework of environmental justice.

Bureaucrats and techies leading the pollution resistance against Trump

Some of Trumps efforts are literally to support and intensify environmental pollution, and some are efforts to make certain people disposable. But people are fighting back. A lot…

CFP: Technical Landscapes: Aesthetics and the Environment in the History of Science and Art

The conference will address ‘technical lands’, sites where global knowledge practices and aesthetic categories have converged to literally transform the physical geography of the land. Harvard, April…

CFP: Towards an ecology of neglected things

Neglected things are pervasive in numerous contemporary practices and imaginaries. Our patchy knowledge about them is co-produced with a specific social order (Jasanoff, 2004), which is politically sh…

CFP: Timescales

Timescales explores the question of temporality in ecological crisis. Timescales is an interdisciplinary environmental humanities conference to be held on October 20-22, 2016 at the University of Pen…

Environmental historians get wasted: ASEH conference report

What’s my take on this torrent of waste at ASEH? I think it really signals a maturation of a second generation of waste scholarship in environmental history that…

Toxic Symposium on Exposure, Entanglement, and Endurance: A Summary in Tweets

Toxics: A Symposium on Exposure, Entanglement, and Endurance was heralded as “the most important conversation on body burdens yet.” See the Twitter version of that conversation here.

CFP: Looking at Junk

We will examine the limits of knowledge in a disposable world and how that shapes us as graduate students and people.

CFP: The Wastes of Governance (AAG 2016)

This session picks up on work that posits an understanding of waste as emergent, or as co-emerging alongside certain configurations of governance.

Students for Zero Waste: Post-Landfill Action Network Conference (Oct 9-10)

The 2nd Annual Students for Zero Waste Conference will be held October 9th-10th at the University of New Hampshire campus. It’s a great opportunity for student activists and…