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Web Roundup: Death, Life, and the Immortal Brain by Kathleen Lynch

Kathleen Lynch , April 23rd, 2018

Among the many tech-focused booths at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) early this year, one stood out in particular: an exhibition of manufactured bodies, or “sleeves,” into which…


The Desire and Fear of the Immortal

Jared Afrookteh , February 11th, 2018

A phrase from the immensely popular series, A Song of Ice and Fire, valar morghulis is translated as “all men must die,” an idea prevalent in human culture. …

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#MeToo: Stories in the Age of Survivorship by Emma Backe – This Anthro Life

Gamwell , February 9th, 2018

Welcome to Story Slamming Anthropology. This series features both innovative narrative and audio performance drawing on the deep toolkit and methods of anthropology. The goal with Story Slamming…

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Investigating the Untethered Journey between Psychedelic Science, Medicine, and Drug Scheduling with Hamilton Morris

Gamwell , February 15th, 2017

Psychedelia is the culture and experiences of psychedelic substances. Where did all the research on psychedelic drugs go? Could psychedelics be used in psychotherapy? How are hallucinogenic drugs…

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Phenomenology of the Virtual and the Real

puellaludens , November 28th, 2016

A long over-due crosspost from gnovis! Way back in 2011 I embarked on a project exploring the colloquial distinction between “the Internet” and “the real” — as in,…

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Thinking with Bats, Forests and the Cosmos

Agustin Fuentes , May 12th, 2015

Thomas Nagel. 2012. Mind and Cosmos: Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature Is Almost Certainly False. New York: Oxford University Press. 128 pages. Eduardo Kohn. 2013. How…

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Special guest Ben Gebo today on TaL, ‘Altered States’ pt 2

gmwll , March 4th, 2014

Join This Anthro Life for another mind-bending conversation as we ‘turn on, tune out, and drop in’ the conversation with returning guest Ben Gebo. With Ben’s help we…

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AAA 2013 SAC Events

sydneyyeager , November 20th, 2013

Check out the Soceity for the Anthropology of Consciousness’ Up Coming Panels and Meetings in Chicago this week at the AAA Conference.   AAA 2013 SAC Events. Tagged: #AAA2013,…

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