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Feral Atlas, a Review

Feral Atlas: The More-Than-Human Anthropocene. 2021. Tsing, Anna L., Jennifer Deger, Alder Keleman Saxena, and Feifei Zhou, eds. Stanford, CA: Stanford University …


#Review: An Ecology of Knowledges

Micha Rahder’s An Ecology of Knowledges: Fear, Love, and Technoscience in Guatemalan Forest Conservation is an ethnographically rich account of the dense …


Spiritual Conservation

“Ecosystems are being destroyed because Africans have severed their relationship between ecosystems and spirituality. It is very very important for people to …

→Hunt and Gather

The Sargassum Question

Close-up of sargasso, Puerto Morelos, 2019. Photo by the author. Sitting in her office, I could smell the sharp scent of hydrogen …