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Waiting for a Dam #Roadsides

Matthäus Rest , March 27th, 2020

Once again, in November 2019, I found myself in an SJVN waiting room. But it was a new waiting room. Many things had changed in the two years…


Runways to the Sky #Roadsides

Luke Heslop , March 26th, 2020

Road building in the Maldives – an archipelago of small coralline islands – sounds a bit like a euphemism for a ridiculous task. Maldivian roads present uniquely closed…


Ståle Knudsen: Debts and the end for infrastructure fetishism in Turkey

Focaal Web Editor , August 5th, 2019

The immense new Istanbul Airport, additional spectacular bridges over the straights, the Marmaray metro/train tunnel under the Bosporus, high-speed trains, highways, extension of the Istanbul metro ne…


#Review: The Road – An Ethnography of (Im)Mobility, Space, and Cross-border Infrastructures in the Balkans

Evanthia Patsiaoura , February 1st, 2018

Central to the capturing cover-image, the downhill stone-paved street of the Pazari district of Gjirokastër, south Albania, reflects the orientation of Dimitris Dalakoglou’s book The Road: An Ethnogra…


Hurry Up and Wait, Part 2: Arrival – #RoR2018

Dick , January 8th, 2018

After focusing my last couple weeks spending quality time with my loved ones, this week I have arrived in Dakar. This is my sixth time here and unquestionably…