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Copyright on the Farm

guestauth0r , July 14th, 2021

By MC Forelle This article is based off of the work recently published by the author in New Media and Society, titled “Copyright and the modern car: Colliding…

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Google’s Empire: The Science Fiction of Power

Maximilian C. Forte , June 28th, 2019

“For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to make a film about libraries,” explains Ben Lewis, the director of Google and the World Brain (2013)….


Do We Inherit Abandoned Game Worlds?

Evan Conaway , November 27th, 2018

When you’re playing an online game and it gets shut down, typically a message flashes on the screen that says something like: “You have been disconnected from the…


Cultural appropriation: Against inspiration?

Theodoros Kyriakides , May 17th, 2017

This blog post comes from a debate organised by the University of Manchester Anthropology undergraduate society. The title of the debate was “This house believes cultural inspiration is…


28. Trans-Pacific Partnership a threat to internet freedom

John Postill , February 6th, 2016

via Liberationtech ‏@Liberationtech 31m31 minutes ago #TPP Deal Signed in #NewZealand is a Threat to Your Internet Freedom The Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal was signed by New Zealand…


25. Digital rights activists vs. Trans-Pacific Partnership: a field-theoretical analysis

John Postill , November 11th, 2015

This is the 25th post in the freedom technologists series Keynote to the conference “Media, culture and change across the Pacific: perspectives from Asia, Oceania and the Americas”…


23. Freedom technologists bibliography

John Postill , September 7th, 2015

Freedom Technologists: Digital Activism and Political Change in the 21st Century (working title), Chapter 2, Freedom Technologists Annotated bibliography (see Doc version here) In this working biblio…