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Nerdlesque and Body Positive Cosplay: Stripping Down Sexual Paradigms in Geek Culture

Emma Louise Backe , April 12th, 2018

By Emma Louise Backe The lights on the stage dim, a lone spotlight hovering over a dark figure clad in loose robes. Just as Kylo Ren’s red lightsaber…

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Halloween Horrorshow: Donald Trump is a Tulpa

Emma Louise Backe , October 31st, 2016

It’s fair to say that Halloween is one of TGA’s favorite holidays—between the spooky folklore and urban legends, constellation of costumes, and rumors of supernatural activity, Halloween seems…

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Consumption, Performance and Identity in Cosplay

Emma Louise Backe , June 16th, 2016

By Emma Louise Backe Every year, hundreds of thousands of fans congregate at conventions like San Diego’s Comic Con, Atlanta’s Dragon Con and Emerald City Comic Con, to…

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A Geek’s Guide to Washington D.C.’s AwesomeCon

Emma Louise Backe , May 28th, 2015

By Emma Louise Backe Awesome Con is in Washington, D.C. this weekend and I can’t wait to see the Metro flooded with cyborgs, otaku and every version of…

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