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Academics’ call for peace in Turkey: from “going public” to “getting persecuted”

Transformations Network , January 15th, 2016

Just a few days after the brutal terror attack on tourists took place in Istanbul, Turkish president Erdoğan and prime minister Davutoğlu used this tragic event to attack a petition by “Academic…

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Don’t let them drown!

Natalia Paszkiewicz , February 17th, 2015

I always enjoyed swimming, and I was even training to become a professional swimmer when I was in a primary school. It did not work out because I…

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From “being a scientist” to “being a curiosity”: a tale amongst egg hunters.

Andrés Forero Rueda , January 10th, 2015

“Listening and watching, that’s what it is about” said Martin with a Frisian accent, who together with Sven, was teaching me about the Frisian tradition of lapwing egg-hunting….

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