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Little Free Zine Library in the Collaboratorium @ Ohio State

nckawa , December 6th, 2019

As students and I have been creating more zines (both through classes and research projects), we have started to build a critical mass of them. You can now…

→Nicholas C. Kawa

New Zine on the History of Sanitation

nckawa , August 29th, 2019

Our zine “Infrastructural Digest” is now completed(!) and 250 copies have just been printed for the opening of the Privy2 demonstration garden. The zine features original artwork and…

→Nicholas C. Kawa

BONUS EPISODE: ‘The scariest word in the English language: a public lecture on schizophrenia’

Julia Brown , June 11th, 2019

In this public lecture, Gabrielle Carey and Julia Brown hope to achieve at least two things. First, to humanise and reduce fear around the condition of schizophrenia (a…

→The Familiar Strange


nckawa , December 19th, 2018

Rather than do terms papers or group presentations for my History of Anthropological Theory class this semester, I had students work in groups to develop zines based on…

→Nicholas C. Kawa

First Trip Back Home – A Photo Essay

nckawa , February 19th, 2018

Amazônica just published a short interview and photo essay that I helped develop with friends while living in Iquitos, Peru in 2016. Roldan (the first author) is an indigenous…

→Nicholas C. Kawa

Margaret’s Mead: C&A’s First Zine

nckawa , September 5th, 2017

Last week, we printed off the first zine produced by the Culture & Agriculture section of the American Anthropological Association (AAA). It’s a collaborative effort with essays, art, and…

→Nicholas C. Kawa