Ep. #42: Economies of Openness: Ros Attenborough on cultures of trust, exclusion & generosity in STS

Julia Brown , July 21st, 2019

“All of these questions deserve…just that little bit extra thought about what would openness look like for my study and in my discipline? What would it achieve? What…

→The Familiar Strange

Web Roundup: CRISPR Babies and Bioethics by Whitney Arey

Whitney Arey , January 1st, 2019

In late November, He Jiankui, a scientist in China, announced that he had created the first “CRISPR babies,” meaning that he performed germ-line genome edits on human embryos, which…


Who is Afraid of CRISPR Art? by Eben Kirksey

Eben Kirksey , March 9th, 2016

A crowd-sourced Indiegogo funding campaign that raised over $45,000 for do-it-yourself gene editing kits in December, asks: “If you had access to modern synthetic biology tools, what would…