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From Hollywood to Hitler: Rethinking the Cultural Politics of Propaganda

Maximilian C. Forte , January 6th, 2020

What is propaganda? What does cinema reveal about the Third Reich and its people? What are German films about during the Third Reich? What do they reveal? And…


Girls, Groupies, and Grim Reapers: The Religious Politics of Mass Response

Maximilian C. Forte , September 29th, 2019

Following a week at the UN and ensuing climate change “protests” (state-sanctioned, party-approved, media-praised, university-endorsed, “protests”), in which we were yet agai…


Google’s Empire: The Science Fiction of Power

Maximilian C. Forte , June 28th, 2019

“For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to make a film about libraries,” explains Ben Lewis, the director of Google and the World Brain (2013)….


Privilege: White, American, or Imperial?

Maximilian C. Forte , January 4th, 2018

To the extent that “white privilege” continues to exist in the US, is it the highest form of privilege? How might a focus on domestic race relations misdirect us from an…


Cultural Appropriation, Cultural Exploitation, Cultural Genocide: Problems of Neoliberal Diversity Management

Maximilian C. Forte , December 19th, 2017

“The Emergence of the Chief” is a statue on the Loyola campus of Concordia University in Montreal. {click to enlarge} In Canada, “a yoga instructor…says her free class…


Canada, First in Anthropology

Maximilian C. Forte , July 3rd, 2017

As Canada commemorated its 150th anniversary on July 1st, 2017, it seemed appropriate to present a topic in the history of anthropology, and Canadian anthropology in particular, that…


Donald Trump, Empire, and Globalization: A Reassessment

Maximilian C. Forte , May 8th, 2017

“Hey, I’m a nationalist and a globalist,” Donald Trump recently declared, “I’m both”. The only way in which the two (seemingly contradictory) positions can be reconciled is by…


How to Read Donald Trump Like Donald Duck

Maximilian C. Forte , January 28th, 2017

If an alien were to land on Earth, and listen only to Donald Trump, the impression the alien would get is that a great, powerful, and cruel nation–Mexico–was…


Donald Trump vs. Cultural Imperialism

Maximilian C. Forte , January 23rd, 2017

“We will seek friendship and goodwill with the nations of the world — but we do so with the understanding that it is the right of all nations…


Canadian Anthropology and Cultural Imperialism: Criticisms

Maximilian Forte , May 19th, 2016

Is there a Canadian anthropology or is it just anthropology in Canada? If it is “anthropology in Canada,” then from where has it been imported? If what we…


Nativistic Movements

Maximilian Forte , March 22nd, 2016

Originally published as: “Nativistic Movements” By Ralph Linton and A. Irving Hallowell American Anthropologist, 45(2), 1943, pp. 230-240 NATIVISTIC MOVEMENTS By RALPH LINTON —&#8212…


US Anthropology is Imperial, not Universal

Maximilian Forte , January 14th, 2016

Part Two of: “Canadian Anthropology or Cultural Imperialism?” Read Part One “today numerous topics directly issuing from the intellectual confrontations relating to the social particularity of Ameri…


US Anthropology: Political, Professional, Personal, Imperial

Maximilian Forte , January 8th, 2016

Part One of: “Canadian Anthropology or Cultural Imperialism?” Recent events have called into question how a discipline can be commanded on an international plane, and represented in a…


2015: Just Another Year for Empire

Maximilian Forte , December 31st, 2015

This year saw so little published on this site, that presenting our “top 10 articles” would nearly exhaust everything we produced. Instead, we decided to produce a list…


Empire’s “Mimic Men”

Maximilian Forte , October 24th, 2015

Imperialism by Invitation or Imitation? US efforts in remaking the international system according to an image reflecting the US are not usually in complete vain since the track…


Pentagon Photography and Visual Anthropology

Maximilian Forte , September 27th, 2014

Could it be any more obvious how the Pentagon has learned to mimic certain styles of anthropological photography as shown in the instance above? Resembling any of a…