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Sexbuyer laws: War on clients, says Israeli MP

laura agustin , January 8th, 2019

Sexbuyer laws now exist in eight countries at the national level: Israel, France, Canada, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden. I use the term sexbuyer laws because in…

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The New Abolitionist Model

laura agustin , December 20th, 2017

The New Abolitionist Model By Laura Agustín, was published in Jacobin Magazine 6 December 2017. I wrote this after reading Julie Bindel’s new book but my thoughts are…

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The girlfriend experience in Lawrence Block: Sex work in fiction

laura agustin , May 19th, 2017

Lawrence Block is a successful mainstream writer whose plotlines often include sex workers, in a normalising way (call girls, mostly). Matthew Scudder, the detective protagonist in one of Block’…

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James Lee Burke with French Quarter scam: Sex work in fiction

laura agustin , May 15th, 2017

In today’s shrill anti-trafficking culture any differences in forms of facilitating prostitution/ sex work are practically erased. I’m not talking about whether anything is fair or gender-…

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End Demand: the B movie

laura agustin , September 1st, 2015

It has all the earmarks of a tearjerker. The billboard erected in Phoenix, Arizona, by anti-prostitutionists looks like artwork for a 1940s paperback cover or poster for a…

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