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AMAA on Cooking Data: Culture and Politics in an African Research World by Cal Biruk

Cal Biruk , December 8th, 2021

Questions developed by the members of CU Denver’s ANTH4600/5600, S2021: Kaylynn Aiona, Delilah Chavarria, Darcy Copeland, Keaton Green, Ari Jones, Caitlin Konchan, Chris Kuelling, Kuba Kwiecinski, Ro…


#Hashtag: “I AM one of the 1.4 Billion”

Yifan Wang , February 25th, 2020

When I agreed to write this post in January, I could not have imagined that I would be doing so in quarantine. The state of the coronavirus continues…


“Kinder statt Inder” – Lecture by Prof. Dr. Shalini Randeria

Allegra , May 22nd, 2017

Prof. Dr. Shalini Randeria gave the “Zukunftskolleg Lecture” at the University of Konstanz in  Germany on May 4, 2017. Prof. Randeria is Rector of the Institute for Human…