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The new trial communities: challenges and opportunities in preconception cohorts by Michelle Pentecost

Michelle Pentecost , July 22nd, 2021

The Excavating the Biosocial series has so far focused on birth cohorts as ethnographic object (Gibbon and Pentecost 2020). In this post, I explore the expansion of interest…


Obesidad infantil y estilo de vida

anthropologies , May 11th, 2021

El informe Aladino publicado en 2020 concluye que en España el 40% de los menores, de entre 6 y 9 años presentan exceso de peso, que su prevalencia…


The ‘chronic’ lives of failing organs: afflictions of ambivalent care in Mexico by Ciara Kierans

Ciara Kierans , March 11th, 2021

Life has always been difficult, Maria del Rosario told me, but she coped. That was before all the sickness. When her mother’s kidneys began to fail, she felt…


Sugar and Tension: Diabetes and Gender in Modern India by Lisa Grabinsky

Lisa Grabinsky , February 28th, 2020

Sugar and Tension: Diabetes in Modern India Lesley Jo Weaver Rutgers University Press, 2019. 202 pages. Sugar and Tension is a must-read for anyone interested in how social…


Review: The Way We Eat Now

dsutton20 , November 7th, 2019

Bee Wilson The Way We Eat Now: How the Food Revolution has Transformed our Lives, Our Bodies, and Our World.  Basic Books. New York. 2019. ISBN 978046509377 Richard…


Review: Reconstructing Obesity

dsutton20 , September 11th, 2019

Megan B. McCullough and Jessica A. Hardin, eds. Reconstructing obesity: the meaning of Measures and the Measure of Meanings. Berghahn. New York, 2015. ISBN: 978-1-78533-028-5. 245 pp. Richard…


Review: Eating Nafta

dsutton20 , November 2nd, 2018

  Eating NAFTA: Trade, Food Policies and the Destruction of Mexico. Alyshia Gálvez. University of California Press. 2018. 260pp. ISBN:9780520291812. Joan Gross Oregon State University Alyshia Gá…


Thesis Review and Interview: Deorukhe Women’s Agency in the Making of Bodies, Cuisine, and Culture in Maharashtra, India

kgraf , October 15th, 2018

Photograph: Gauri A. Pitale – Waterlogged rice fields of rural Konkan, Maharashtra Please note: As Associate Editor, I am soliciting reviews of recent dissertations in the Anthropology of Food….


Book Forum––Harris Solomon’s Metabolic Living: Food, Fat and The Absorption of Illness in India by Todd Meyers

Todd Meyers , October 25th, 2016

  Harris Solomon’s Metabolic Living traces patterns of consumption, calories, and chronic disease to tell a story about the enfolding––the absorption and regulation––of food in and about the bod…