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Julia Ticona on her book, Left to Our Own Devices

| , January 19th, 2022

https://global.oup.com/academic/product/left-to-our-own-devices-9780190691288 Ilana Gershon: If you found yourself talking to a voice actor in a coffee shop about your book, how would you expl…

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Reflections and Reports on Open Access Published in the New Issue of Cultural Anthropology (@culanth)

Jason Baird Jackson , May 24th, 2014

The new, May 2014 issue of Cultural Anthropology is out now. It is the second issue of the journal to be made freely available online, which means anyone…

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Open Access at Indiana University Bloomington

Jason Baird Jackson , May 1st, 2014

Richard Poynder doesn’t miss a thing. Indiana University: Library Committee of the Bloomington Faculty Council decides not to recommend active OA policy. http://t.co/kmMkWVaX4G — Richard Poynder…

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