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Natural Disasters Are Social Disasters

Dana J. Graef , December 13th, 2017

When Hurricane Harvey dumped more than 4 feet of rain over parts of Houston in August, the National Weather Service needed two new colors for their rainfall maps:…


How Vulnerable Are We to Collapse?

Jim O'Donnell , September 15th, 2017

Research findings on three early Native American cultures from the southwestern United States show how each responded to environmental challenges in different ways that dramatically altered their…


Reclaiming Native Ground

Barry Yeoman , February 24th, 2017

Theresa Dardar stands for a portrait on her dock in Louisiana’s Pointe-au-Chien Indian community in January 2017. Edmund D. Fountain This article was originally published at FERN and has…


“The Anthropologist” Isn’t Another Climate Change Horror Flick

Emma Marris , November 17th, 2016

Kiribati, a Pacific island nation that may become uninhabitable because of climate change, is just one of the threatened landscapes featured in The Anthropologist. Kyodo/Associated Press …


Natural Disasters Are Less Natural Than You Think

Paul Cox and Stan Cox , September 27th, 2016

Road infrastructure, hydroelectric development, and climate change all factored into the floods and landslides that struck the Indian Himalayas in 2013, killing at least 5,748 people. Paul Co…


Roux and Resilience: Eleven Years After Hurricane Katrina

Katherine E. Browne , August 31st, 2016

Hurricane Katrina rearranged Katie Williams’ home on its foundation. Katie and her family had the capacity to reclaim their lives, but the disaster recovery system sabotaged their cultural…


Gender and Disaster Beyond Men and Women

Ryan Thoreson , August 30th, 2016

Over the past two decades, considerable attention has been given to the multiple interactions between gender and disaster. Yet the study and integration of gender in disaster and…

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Arizona’s Inmate Firefighters

Lindsey Feldman , July 13th, 2016

In the state of Arizona, all able-bodied incarcerated people are required to work. Most prison jobs are monotonous and consist of low-skill, assembly line–style labor. The hourly wage…


Hurricane Katrina’s Forgotten Survivors

Roberto E. Barrios , May 12th, 2016

Following Katrina, progress rebuilding New Orleans has been uneven. In the Lower 9th Ward, house foundations are still a common sight. Max Becherer/Associated Press When Hurricane Katrina…


Shattered Homes and Hard Choices in Post-Quake Nepal

Sienna R. Craig , April 28th, 2016

The days following Nepal’s devastating, 7.8 magnitude earthquake on April 25, 2015, passed for me in a blur of sleeplessness and checking Facebook. I ached to be there….