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Democracy after Sanders: building a progressive alternative, beyond social media and mass rallies

Vito Laterza , May 27th, 2016

Check out my latest piece on Sanders and the US presidential race, published by openDemocracy on 26th May. Here is a short summary: “The US presidential primaries have…

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Why Donald J. Trump Will Be the Next President of the United States

Maximilian Forte , May 4th, 2016

Trump often emerges on stage from behind a dark navy curtain. That is a symbolically rich move, and it is a symbolism whose deeper meaning and importance throws…


Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and the Election Hunger Games

Carie Little Hersh , May 4th, 2016

With Donald Trump defending the size of his hands, Ted Cruz dropping out of the race the week after recruiting former opponent Fiorina as a running mate, Hillary…

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Encircling Empire: Report #27 — Donald Trump’s “America First” Foreign Policy

Maximilian Forte , April 28th, 2016

This and previous issues have been archived on a dedicated site—please see: ENCIRCLING EMPIRE. For frequent updates, please “like” our Facebook page and/or follow on Twitter. There are…


The Wall: A Monument to the Nation-State

Maximilian Forte , April 17th, 2016

Reaction against globalization often takes a visceral nationalist turn in many parts of the globe, no less in the US where the impacts of globalization are increasingly registered…


Terminal Condition: Neoliberal Globalization

Maximilian Forte , March 13th, 2016

After decades of protests and riots against neoliberal structural adjustment; after anti-globalization mass movements flourished across North America and Europe; after a large portion of Latin America…


To Understand Donald Trump is to Not Explain Donald Trump

Maximilian Forte , February 26th, 2016

There is something very strange about this US presidential election. There is an air of stress, with bursts of odd comic relief, sliding uncontrollably from the grimly serious…


We Are All Africans

Alma Gottlieb , October 11th, 2015

An impressively interdisciplinary team of geneticists, biological anthropologists, archaeologists, and geologists has just published an article detailing the genetic makeup of a man who lived in Ethio…

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Donald Trump is a fireship

Grant , September 8th, 2015

The question in yesterday’s post was: Why has Donald Trump survived our discovery of his flaws and deficiencies? Normally, a new candidate has his or her moment in…

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Donald Trump defies the Dorian Gray effect. Why?

Grant , September 7th, 2015

I found this wonderful image at the train station in my hometown in Connecticut. Scratched into an ad on the platform, someone left us a “Dorian Gray” treatment…

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Less public knowledge, more private meaning (lessons for politicians and brands)

Grant , September 2nd, 2015

This is a part of a map of London drawn by Fuller (aka Gareth Wood). Wood says that he created a map to show his relationship with the city over…

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Donald Trump vs. Blood Magic

Alma Gottlieb , August 12th, 2015

Donald Trump has revived old stereotypes in claiming that Fox News commentator/Republican debate moderator Megyn Kelly was ruled by her hormones (“bleeding from her wherever”) when she cri…

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