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Atmospheric Commons

Adam Fish , October 12th, 2019

ATMOSPHERIC COMMONS This text was jointly composed by the AIR group: Hanna Husberg, Agata Marzecova, Liu Xin, Taru Elfving, Nerea Calvillo, Adam Fish & Nicolas Maigret as part…


Networking Nature: Tracking Terra, Sensing the Sea, Atmo-structures

Adam Fish , July 10th, 2019

Lately, when I have the pleasure of walking in the stacks of a regal, well-stocked, old library, and am in a devious mood, I imagine I am an…


Hacker and Drone Training as Ethnographic Fieldwork

Adam Fish , July 3rd, 2017

Recently, I enrolled in two multi-day training workshops in the United Kingdom with the pretense of gathering ethnographic data about emergent cultures of practice surrounding new technologies. The…

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