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Clashing scales of Brexit

thomashyllanderiksen , June 29th, 2016

Mainstream newspapers, politicians and commentators across Europe instantly expressed dejection and bitterness in the face of the Brexit outcome, and avid Brexiteers have typically been portrayed as x…

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She prefers simplicity to paradoxes, answers to dilemmas

thomashyllanderiksen , November 22nd, 2014

‘Yet, one cannot help being disturbed by the fuzzy utopianism and smug righteousness permeating Naomi Klein’s books.’ I’ve been reading Naomi Klein’s new book This Changes Everything…

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Fossil addiction: Is there a road to recovery?

thomashyllanderiksen , November 3rd, 2014

Published in Norwegian in Dagbladet, 30 October 2014 There is no shortage of knowledge about global environmental and climate problems. It is necessary, therefore, to ask: Why is…

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