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We go get lost

Allegra , July 25th, 2022

It’s been a busy half year at Allegra Lab, and we are now taking some time off for the summer. We had some great thematic threads already in…

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Dear Allies, meet Jas.

Allegra , April 6th, 2022

As a rule, here at Allegra, we as editors emphasise our collectiveness. Rightly so: There is very soft division of labour, there is no hierarchy, and we strive…

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On the use and abuse of networks in academia

Allegra , February 23rd, 2022

Like most anthropologists, we have been watching events unfold at Harvard University’s anthropology department over the past weeks: accusations of abuse; letters in support of the man accused…

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Who cares? Peer-review at Allegra

Allegra , February 10th, 2022

At Allegra, we believe and know from our own experience that the fresh eyes of our peers can help us improve drafts, weed out waffle, strengthen an argument,…

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From Things and Stuff to Radically Optimist Multi-Modal Platform

Felix Girke , November 17th, 2021

On May 20, 2021, Felix Girke, a member of our editorial collective, gave a presentation in the framework of the workshop “Multimodal Digital Publishing” hosted by the Working…


Editorial Número 8/Noviembre/2021

anthropologies , November 4th, 2021

Read Time:1 Minute, 52 Second El nuevo número arranca con un noviembre que nos indica que ya estamos en pleno otoño, camino del inv…


EDITORIAL: Especial Genocidios 06/09/2021

anthropologies , August 25th, 2021

Read Time:4 Minute, 10 Second DE LA MEMORIA Y SU OLVIDO. DE LOS GENOCIDIOS QUE FUERON Y DE LOS QUE NO Decía Buñuel que una vida sin…



Allegra , August 3rd, 2021

Dear Allies – readers, authors, reviewers, all, Allegra is away from her keyboard right now and cannot possibly be made to return before late August. Maybe September. Who…


Soziologiemagazin 01/2020 – Paradigmenwechsel – ist erschienen

Die Redaktion , July 30th, 2020

Als im Sommer 2019 der Call zu dieser Ausgabe entstand, protestierten junge Menschen im Rahmen von Fridays for Future und Extinction Rebellion, um auf die Klimakrise aufmerksam zu…


Soziologiemagazin 2/2019 – Parallele Welten – ist erschienen

Die Redaktion , October 21st, 2019

Das Thema der Fake News hat Hochkonjunktur. Durch gezielte Desinformationen entwickeln Menschen ein verzerrtes Bild der Wirklichkeit. Die Folge ist, dass fehlinformierte Menschen oftmals schlechte Ent…


Post-Election Reds and Blues: Public Anthropology, Millennials, and the Future

Anne , November 10th, 2016

It’s a solemn time, even as the sun shines, and even as I sit at my desk here in Toronto, somewhat shielded from the results of the 2016…

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