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Value, Ownership, and Cultural Goods: Regina F. Bendix to Deliver 2016 Richard M. Dorson Memorial Lecture

Jason Baird Jackson , January 23rd, 2016

This is the season’s big lecture. With many heritage studies projects underway, it is a perfect time to welcome Regina back to Bloomington. Here are the details: 2016…

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Conflation as Insult (On the Gold Open Access World I Live In)

Jason Baird Jackson , January 15th, 2014

On Savage Minds, Alex Golub very generously celebrates the recent publication of a large quantity of open access journal articles in anthropology and neighboring fields. I wish to…

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Notes on Thoughtfulness in Scholarly Publishing (3): In This, I Support Elsevier

Jason Baird Jackson , December 19th, 2013

[Updated] This series began in the wake of an instance in which I, to the irritation of most observers, questioned a case of self-piracy. Soon thereafter, self-piracy was…

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