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Living in a Time When “Death Feels Closer”

Kristin Gupta , February 2nd, 2021

“I know I’m young, and dying isn’t something I’m ‘supposed’ to think about yet, but how can I not? Death feels like it is everywhere,” earnestly intoned Autumn,…


Negotiating Ethical Technology Use: Trust and Care in End-of-Life Conversations

Julie Armin , September 3rd, 2019

  The video-screen carrying robot used by doctors to converse with patients. The headline on the local news station’s website was sensational: “Bereaved Family Upset Kaiser Used Robot…


Care Comes Home

Alison Witchard , February 10th, 2016

Hydrangeas flourishing in my grandmother’s garden. Photo courtesy of Alison Witchard I have spent most of the past year thinking about and engaging with anthropological literature on care…

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