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The Verbal Art of Kichwa Reclamation

Chelsea Horton , September 19th, 2019

Ecuador’s Indigenous languages are varied and contested. What can poetry and curing chants tell us about the experience of language change and the people working to reclaim them?…

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Going Native…In Other Words

Chelsea Horton , September 19th, 2019

The “Going Native” cartoon for this issue of Anthropology News was an exercise in celebration of the International Year of Indigenous Languages, personal discovery, and reverse linguistic imperialism…

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Indigenous Languages through a Reclamation Lens

Chelsea Horton , September 19th, 2019

The United Nations’ International Year of Indigenous Languages is likely to reproduce the colonial logics that underlie dominant narratives of language disappearance and loss. It doesn’t have to…

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Christine Schreyer

Alexandra Frankel , March 13th, 2018

Christine Schreyer is an associate professor of anthropology at the University of British Columbia. Her research focuses on created language communities and the revitalization of endangered languages….

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Language contacts in the Arctic

fstammle , August 5th, 2017

August 31 is the deadline for paper submissions to a congress in Moscow. Judging from the keynote speakers, this should be also very interesting for us anthropologists, because…

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