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The Multiple Displacements of Mangalore Special Economic Zone

Ian M. Cook , August 11th, 2021

This paper analyses three different types of displacement – social, cultural and economic – in the lives of three women and their families which have been affected by…

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Red Sludge on the Blue Danube

Ian M. Cook , August 11th, 2021

In Almásfüzitő, a small factory settlement on the banks of the Danube, hazardous waste is being used to create a topsoil to cover solidified red sludge – residue…

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Red Mud, a Divided Settlement and the Toxic Waste Poisoning Hungary

Ian M. Cook , August 11th, 2021

Environmentalists, and the EU, have long voiced concern over a toxic waste site on the banks of the Danube in northern Hungary. So why do most locals living…

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Urban Arena – a podcast about sustainable and just cities

Ian M. Cook , August 11th, 2021

Urban Arena – a podcast about sustainable and just cities Cities can play a crucial role in creating just and sustainable futures. Urban Arena is a series of…

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The Life and Times of Red Mud Reservoir № VII

Ian M. Cook , August 11th, 2021

‘The Life and Times of Red Mud Reservoir № VII’ is a collaboration between an anthropologist (me, Ian M. Cook) and a graphic artist/illustrator (Gyula Németh) about a…

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Data Activism and Petro-Public Knowledge “Across Borders”: The Formosa Plastics Global Archive

Tim Schütz , April 27th, 2021

When our research group entered the Formosa Plastics museum in Taiwan, the first thing we noticed was a massive piece of kauri wood, sitting protected under a dome…


The potentials and challenges of citizen science: 9 years of experience from post-Fukushima Japan by Aya H. Kimura

Aya H. Kimura , April 13th, 2020

The Fukushima nuclear disaster took place nine years ago, but the current situation does not allow us to put it behind us completely. The site is producing up…


Call for Reviews: Anthropology of Climate Change and the Environment

Allegra , January 20th, 2020

As 2020 started with the apocalyptic images of the Australian bush-fires, we at Allegra, felt there was an emergency to feature the work of environmental anthropologists so as…


#WhoseGreen? Chololo Ecovillage and the ‘Secret Formula of Development’

Margherita Lala , January 17th, 2019

The village of Chololo is situated around 40km South-East of the political capital of Tanzania, Dodoma. Often described as the poorest in the country, the region of Dodoma…


#WhoseGreen? Contested Sustainabilities and Socio-Ecological Change

Nina Isabella Moeller , January 15th, 2019

The accelerating growth of the technosphere, climate crises, shifting species distribution and other phenomena contribute to increasingly dramatic socio-ecological changes across the planet, impacting…


“Radical Bricoleurs”: On Doing Science, Community Life, Activism and Bureaucracy in Mozambique

colinhoag , October 18th, 2018

By Anselmo Matusse, University of Cape Town § One day I was walking with Mr. Angelo, 69 years old, a former Renamo soldier, demobilized in 1994, who is now…


The Sacrifice Zones of American “Energy Independence”: Pipeline and Refinery Expansion in the Chicago Region

therezamiller , August 16th, 2018

By Graham Pickren, Roosevelt University § The United States is seemingly on its way to “energy independence.” Since the oil price increases and gas lines of the 1970s shocked…


Commentary: Toxic Bodies, Part II

colinhoag , May 8th, 2018

By Kristina Lyons, University of California, Santa Cruz § The president of the communal action committee whom I call Doña Marta ushered me to a more secluded corner behind…


Weeds, Herbicides, and Bodies: Emerging Entanglements in Toxic Agricultural Landscapes

colinhoag , March 8th, 2018

By Tony VanWinkle, Sterling College § Dedicated to the memory of Jackie Dill. Pigweed. Photo by author. Shortly after the unexpected death of friend and mentor Jackie Dill, I…


Commentary: Toxic Bodies, Part I

colinhoag , February 22nd, 2018

By Mónica Salas Landa, Lafayette College § Oil infrastructure, Poza Rica, Veracruz, Mexico. Image by author. ‘‘How do you feel living right across from the oil and gas complex?’’ I…


Hurricane Bomb

colinhoag , February 6th, 2018

By Rosa E. Ficek, University of Puerto Rico at Cayey § Nobody went outside. The outside world did not exist. There was no internet or television. The power had gone…


Concrete and Livability in Occupied Palestine

colinhoag , September 20th, 2016

By Kali Rubaii, University of California, Santa Cruz § Portland Cement extracts the enduring time of rocks and mobilizes it to build quickly. Through heat, rock[1] is bound with…


Human-Animal Encounters at the Park

therezamiller , August 18th, 2016

By Shay Perryman, Ana Cruz, and Justin Brady § Woodward Park lies on the northwest edge of Fresno in California’s Central San Joaquin Valley. Fresno is California’s fifth largest city…


Anthropology Beyond the Tap: From Flint, Michigan to California’s Central Valley

therezamiller , August 16th, 2016

By Alexa Becerra-Almendarez, Emily Wolff, and Lemual Wheatley § Imagine you are thirsty. You go to the sink to pour yourself a glass of water, but you stop abruptly;…


Drought and Culture: From the Yard to the Farm

therezamiller , August 12th, 2016

By Alfred Lopez, Yeng Vang, and Chong Vang, California State University, Fresno § We hurriedly walked through a middle-class Fresno, California neighborhood. The City of Fresno and Fresno County are…