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What can Italians expect from the new populist government?

Vito Laterza , May 24th, 2018

Italy’s prospective PM, Giuseppe Conte, is a 54-year-old university professor with little political experience [Alessandro Bianchi/Reuters] I was interviewed by South African public radio SAfm th…

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Italy’s populist alliance and the national anti-migrant consensus

Vito Laterza , May 22nd, 2018

The League’s Matteo Salvini and the Five Star’s Luigi Di Maio have entered into coalition to form a government in Italy [AP] You can read my latest piece…

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United against Trump

Vito Laterza , January 23rd, 2017

The poor showing at Trump’s inauguration, and the massive turnout at the Women’s Marches, together with Trump’s popular vote defeat by nearly 3 million votes, prove that chasing…

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UK should Remain in the EU to stop the global advance of the far right

Vito Laterza , June 22nd, 2016

Tomorrow the British will go to the polls to decide whether UK should stay within the European Union or not. I truly hope that the majority will vote…

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A left vision for basic income

Vito Laterza , June 4th, 2016

Today Swiss people are voting in a referendum that will determine whether to include a universal basic income in the federal constitution. The constitutional amendment proposes the institution of a…

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IMF plots “credit event” to push Greece to the brink of default

Vito Laterza , April 3rd, 2016

Even though other international events have largely pushed it in the background, the Greek debt drama continues. The IMF and the EU institutions cannot agree on the terms…

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My top 5 trends of 2015 – and some predictions for 2016

Vito Laterza , December 31st, 2015

With best wishes for a healthy and productive 2016! 1 – WHITE PRIVILEGE UNDER ATTACK Debates and struggles around race have taken centre-stage in 2015, with an intensity…

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Varoufakis announces pan-European movement to “democratise the EU”

Vito Laterza , December 27th, 2015

In a recent interview for the Italian magazine L’Espresso, former finance minister of Greece Yanis Varoufakis announces the formation of a new Pan-European movement in February 2016, with…

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More instability expected in Spain after indecisive election

Vito Laterza , December 21st, 2015

More political instability looms in another southern European country. No clear majority emerged from the ballot box in Spain yesterday, and the two-party system seems to be a…

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Far right Front National first party in French regional elections

Vito Laterza , December 7th, 2015

Very bad results in France’s regional elections: exit polls set xenophobic far right Front National (FN) first nationwide with over 30% of the votes; Sarkozy’s centre-right Republicans at…

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Attenzione, un governo a 5 Stelle non è l’alternativa alla sinistra

Vito Laterza , December 5th, 2015

Pubblicato sul settimanale Left in edicola dal 5 Dicembre. Fa un certo effetto ascoltare Paolo Flores D’Arcais in un lungo intervento sui tre valori della Rivoluzione francese –…

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