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Andrea Leone-Pizzighella on her book Discourses of Student Success

| , September 19th, 2022

Interview by Clara Miller-Broomfield https://www.routledge.com/Discourses-of-Student-Success-Language-Class-and-Social-Personae-in-Italian/Leone-Pizzighella/p/book/9780367681111 Clara Mille…

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Céline Cantat: The reception spectacle: on Ukrainian displacement and selective empathy at Europe’s borders

focaal_admin , June 28th, 2022

Since the beginning of the Russian offensive on Ukraine on February 24th, over 5 million people have registered for temporary protection programmes and other schemes across Europe. By…


Profit over people? The ‘big business’ of tough immigration laws.

Renata Segal , April 22nd, 2022

By Renata Carvalho As the new Nationality and Borders Bill sparks yet another wave of debates over the United Kingdom’s immigration tactics, it is important to ask: who…

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Review: The Hungry Eye

dsutton20 , April 20th, 2022

Leonard Barkan.  The Hungry Eye: Eating, Drinking and European Culture from Rome to the Renaissance.  Princeton University Press.  Princeton, New Jersey. 2021.  pp. 326  ISBN:  9780691211466. …


Sandy Smith-Nonini: Energy Crises in the Time of Covid: Precarious Fossil Infrastructures

focaal_admin , March 21st, 2022

The spectacle of Russia invading Ukraine has elevated tensions over Europe’s access to natural gas and may herald a sea-change in regional geopolitics of energy. But prior to…


Fighting for injection in Paris by Johannes Lenhard

Johannes Lenhard , February 25th, 2022

Figure 1: Non-safe-injection site behind Paris’ Gare du Nord, February 2016 (all photos by author). The first time I ever saw a person shooting up was right behind…


Environment, Labour and Capitalism at Sea (Book Review)

guestanthropologist , February 1st, 2022

by Connie Scott “Fish simply appear in supermarkets” (p.209), writes Penny McCall Howard. Most consumers have little or no awareness of where their fish comes from, or of…

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Ten Treasures (and a Bonus): A Selection of Anthropological Gems You Might Have Missed from the Past Few Years

Alma Gottlieb , January 26th, 2022

I began interviewing authors of fabulous new anthropology books for this space back in 2016. While completing 11 interviews, I also amassed a backlog of more terrific books…

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Your Life is Data – Wie erleben Studierende die Pandemie? (#WitnessingCorona)

Jenny Rosenberg , June 11th, 2021

Hide Press Release (2 Less Words) Laura Siebert Mein Leben als Material für meine anthropologische Forschung? Genau diesen Ansatz verfolgt die sogenannte Autoethnographie. Dabei bilden die autobiograp…


Thesis Review and Discussion: The Metamorphosis of Greek Cuisine

kgraf , April 29th, 2021

Kapari Deli in Athens city centre, Greece Photographs by Nafsika Papacharalampous If you have written a recent thesis in the Anthropology of Food or would like to review…


Dragan Djunda: Transition to nowhere: Small hydro, little electricity, and large profits in Serbia

focaal_admin , April 9th, 2021

When you enter the House of culture in Dojkinci, a small village on Stara Mountain, you are instantly amazed by its floor. The freshly painted red, green, and…


Aliki Angelidou: “It is not the police that enters the universities, but democracy”: Greek universities as spearhead of an authoritarian turn

focaal_admin , March 18th, 2021

On February 22nd police forces entered the campus of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, heavily beating many students, arresting 31 of them, and teargasing all those present, including…


Pains, pleasures, and a new electric wheelchair by Anna Mann

Anna Mann , March 11th, 2021

A Wednesday in May 2017, Vienna, Austria The door opens. Behind it is Frau Schöbel, a tiny woman in her early seventies.[1] Through her glasses, her eyes are…


In Europe, more than two thirds of all academic anthropologists are living in precarity

lorenz , February 1st, 2021

(via FocaalBlog) In the general public, academics are often viewed as being part of an elite, who lives comfortable lives. In reality this is only true for a…

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Sanderien Verstappen: Hidden behind toilet rolls: visual landscapes of COVID-19

focaal_admin , January 14th, 2021

During the lockdowns of spring 2020, short videos became a popular means of reflecting on new experiences of quarantine and social distancing. Passed around on social media platforms,…


Christmas in the Brothel

laura agustin , December 24th, 2020

Christmas in the Brothel Edvard Munch, 1905 The post Christmas in the Brothel appeared first on The Naked Anthropologist.

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Snake Oil: A Memoir on the Rise of ‘Trafficking’

laura agustin , December 14th, 2020

­When future historians try to understand what ‘trafficking’ meant in the first 20 years of the 21st century, I hope this memoir gives them pause. Recording how my…

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Sexworkers’ long history as political experts, English translation: Thierry Schaffauser

laura agustin , November 12th, 2020

I’ve translated Thierry’s reflections published the other day as faithfully to his tone as I could and checked with him, so here’s the piece with the same title,…

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Sexworkers’ long history as political experts: Thierry Schaffauser

laura agustin , November 9th, 2020

The other day Thierry Schaffauser posted some reflections on facebook on the history of sexworkers as thinkers and leaders in activism for social change. Objecting to the exclusion…

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Plants, Pathogens and the Politics of Care: Xylella fastidiosa and the Intra-Active Breakdown of Mallorca’s Almond Ecology

colinhoag , July 30th, 2020

Editorial Note: This post is part of our series highlighting the work of the Anthropology and Environment Society’s 2019 Roy A. Rappaport Prize Finalists. We asked them to outline the…


First in Masks? How Czechs Wore Face Masks When There Weren’t Any Available by Susanna Trnka

Susanna Trnka , July 20th, 2020

On March 18, 2020, the Czech Republic became the first country in Europe to legislate mandatory coverage of the mouth and nose in all public areas in an…


Emerging from Lockdown: “Moral pioneering” in Everyday Practices for Women in Europe and North America (#WitnessingCorona)

Jenny Rosenberg , July 13th, 2020

Hide Press Release (2 Less Words) Sydney Howe   As Europe and North America begin to ease lockdown restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic, this essay looks broadly at…


Whose Space is this? A Multispecies Auto-Ethnography of Viral-Human Negotiations in the Contact Zone (#WitnessingCorona)

Karoline Buchner , June 26th, 2020

Hide Press Release (2 Less Words) Oleg Zurmühlen   Just as this intimidating encounter of an orang-utan in the city SARS-CoV-2 reshapes the spatial and temporal organization of…


„In Isolation“ (Mai 2020), Dokumentation über die Zeit nach dem COVID-19 Lockdown (#WitnessingCorona)

Jenny Rosenberg , June 24th, 2020

Hide Press Release (3 Less Words) Anna Ixy Noever       Die Idee zu dem Film „In Isolation“ ist während der Zeit nach dem Corona-Lockdown im März…