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Italy’s Hidden Epidemic: The Shadow of the Mafia over Post-Emergency Europe

Rebecca_Irons , April 11th, 2020

FRANCESCO FLORIS On 4th April, more than two months after the declaration of the state of emergency and almost one month after the start of the quarantine throughout…

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Petra Rethman: The German question: Solidarity, Lexit, nation

Focaal Web Editor , July 7th, 2017

On 14 May 2017, in North Rhine-Westphalia’s (NRW) state (Bundesland) election, the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) won in emphatic fashion. Emphatic, here, does not express itself in numbers—33…


More instability expected in Spain after indecisive election

Vito Laterza , December 21st, 2015

More political instability looms in another southern European country. No clear majority emerged from the ballot box in Spain yesterday, and the two-party system seems to be a…

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