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Manipulating student evaluations: the Downey Sales School method

gregdowney , October 13th, 2020

Student evaluations are biased? Yes, yes, they are. Research has repeatedly shown that students’ evaluations of teaching quality show a range of biases. For example, Anne Boring, Kellie Ottoboni…


Counting and Being Counted: New AAA Tenure and Promotion Guidelines on Public Scholarship

Carole McGranahan , May 1st, 2017

How do we count and value public scholarship in anthropology? — Do we count and value public scholarship in anthropology? — And, how do we do it at the time…

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For anthropologists, is interdisciplinarity ever truly a meeting of equals?

The Anxious Anthropologist , February 20th, 2016

I recently read a Twitter post which asserted that interdisciplinarity was never a meeting of equals. As an anthropologist working outside of an academic department I met this…

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