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in Nakon Si Thammarat

john hutnyk , October 6th, 2022

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NAFA2022: Film Programme Out

NAFA Network , August 23rd, 2022

The film screening programme for the 41st NAFA International Ethnographic Film Festival has now been published on the festival website. The festival will be held in Romania, in…

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Time to register for NAFA 2022 (Sept 7-11)

NAFA Network , August 8th, 2022

The 41st NAFA International Ethnographic Film Festival is soon upon us and will take place, physically,  in Romania, in the tiny village of Csehétfalva / Cehețel in Harghita…

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Filming fieldwork: Megha Wadhwa in conversation with Andy Lawrence

NAFA Network , May 2nd, 2022

Hybrid Event in Berlin on June 24, 2022, 13:00 – 14:00 (CEST) In recent years and also in migration studies, filming is being used as an important tool…

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Virtual Otherwise Conference 2022

NAFA Network , April 20th, 2022

Registration is now open for the biennial anthropology conference (June 2-4 2022). The Virtual Otherwise will be a pre-recorded conference structured around 90-minute panels along with keynote eve…

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German International Ethnographic Film Festival Programme is online

NAFA Network , April 12th, 2022

The festival presents the most recent productions of ethnographic films and acts as a platform for a dialogue between anthropology and documentary filmmaking. The event will have a…

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CFP: IVSA Conference (deadline: 2 May)

NAFA Network , March 22nd, 2022

EXPANDING THE VISUAL FIELD: NEW DEVELOPMENTS IN VISUAL SCHOLARSHIP, ARTS AND ACTIVISM The 2022 International Visual Sociology Association Annual Conference invites abstracts for papers, photo essa…

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TU#05: Multimodal Articulations of Futures in an Afghan-Danish Film Collective

NAFA Network , March 3rd, 2022

The Emergent Futures CoLab (EFC) invites you to its fifth online Talking Uncertainty session: Multimodal Articulations of Futures in an Afghan-Danish Film Collective, on Wednesday March 16, 2022,…

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Call for Sounds: EASA Conference 2022 (Panel P122)

NAFA Network , February 28th, 2022

We are looking for participants who would like to share their original sound work during the panel “The Sounds that Bring Us Together” at the EASA conference (Belfast,…

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30 Minute Methods in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, TDTU.

john hutnyk , November 30th, 2021

The most useful thing I heard anyone say (it was Olivia Harris) about a methods course is that it should never be a discussion of how to, but…



john hutnyk , November 29th, 2021

visit https://issh2021.tdtu.edu.vn/ for details. Register here: https://issh2021.tdtu.edu.vn/conference-fees


Impressions from the Master Class “Participatory Digital Ethnography”

digitalethnography , November 15th, 2021

It was our pleasure to organize the Master Class Participatory Digital Ethnography together with the Vienna Visual Anthropology Lab and the Visual Studies Platform (CEU). The public co-lecture…

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GAA 2021 Conference Diary: Atmospheric Discussions?

Tabea Scharrer , October 11th, 2021

In collaboration with the conference organisers, Allegra had reached out to a number of colleagues to submit some impressions in the form of “daily diaries” from the recent…



NAFA Network , September 13th, 2021

We welcome you all to the 40th NAFA International Ethnographic Film Festival! The event will kickstart on the 29th of September with a series of seminars about the…

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Feeling Digital and Reimagining Fieldwork during COVID Times

digitalethnography , September 3rd, 2021

Yichen Rao, Anna Castel & Lili Almási-Szabó* During the outbreak of COVID-19, everyday life has been modified in accordance with the protocols that every country has implemented. These…

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09.09.2021 – RAI Film Webinar: Multimodal inventions

NAFA Network , August 28th, 2021

Thursday 9 September 2021 at 4-6pm (BST) The event takes place on Zoom. Please register here: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZApduyhrDMpE9Rg-KBLVABTLKguZ4cACoYs  RAI Film Webinar&#82…

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DEI celebrates its first birthday

digitalethnography , July 12th, 2021

Looking back at an extraordinary year – in every sense – the Digital Ethnography Initiative has celebrated its first birthday with colleagues from the Department of Social and…

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Saurabh Dube. Post/de/colonial.

john hutnyk , May 26th, 2021

This is an actual event – by which I mean an important discussion that makes important moves, negotiates languages and ambiguities of the decolonial/postcolonial/colonial. There is good material…


Master Class on Ecography: anthropological films and climate change

Anne Chahine , May 5th, 2021

The Visual Studies Platform (VSP), Ethnocineca and the Vienna ​Visual Anthropology Lab (VVAL) of the University of Vienna invite you to a film Talk by anthropologist-filmmaker Pavel Borecký about the…

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Spivak – citizen as agent

john hutnyk , February 18th, 2021

If you joined the Handbrick of Marxism book-launch with Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak last evening you will have seen her talk on citizens as agents, global Marx, supplementing vanguardism…


Dialogues on Artificial Intelligence

Teodor Zidaru-Bărbulescu , February 12th, 2021

In December 2020, a group of social scientists gathered virtually at the LSE Department of Anthropology to discuss the relationship between data science and the social sciences. We…


Happy Holidays!

Allegra , December 18th, 2020

This year, 2020. … the less we speak of it, the better, right? Still, it needs to be said that: In the face of this unabated crisis, we…


Webinar Series in honour of Sally Engle Merry (1944-2020)

Allegra , December 2nd, 2020

From 11 Decembre 2020 to 21 May 2021 Co-organised by Allegra Lab and EASA LawNet. This series of online talks features presentations that examine the current state of…


In Memoriam: Sally Engle Merry

Mark Goodale , October 20th, 2020

Meg Davis Sally Engle Merry got more of a kick than anyone I know from not only thinking big and aiming high herself, but helping other scholars to…