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On Online News Making, Cultural Translation, and Journalism Industry in Exile

K. Zeynep Sariaslan , April 8th, 2021

Journalism is under attack in many contexts from Hungary to the United States. In Turkey, the situation is not different. Autocracy changed the profession radically and forced some…


Divided Collectives. Identity and Its Discontents in Samir’s Baghdad In My Shadow

Rafaël Newman , November 20th, 2019

A progressive “identity politics” pursued in the name of resistance to nationalist retrenchment depends on the mobilization of various disparate “collective identities” around a common aim. But what…

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Introduction: #Displacement and New Sociabilities

Heike Drotbohm , August 20th, 2018

In this thematic week we aim to think through the notion of displacement. At a time that is marked by unprecedented movements of refugees and migrants on the…


Loss in times of revolution and exile #newtonloss

Charlotte Hamid , November 29th, 2016

What does loss mean for Syrians living in Southern Turkey in the aftermath of the 2011 revolution and in the midst of an ongoing war? How is this…