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“Stop the Shot”: Resistance through Science, Religion, and Law

Maximilian C. Forte , August 20th, 2021

On August 4, an interesting event took place: “Stop the Shot”. This was a video press conference organized by the Truth for Health Foundation in the US, which…


“Un-fixing” hormones: searching for the multiple in hormonal selves

Lisa Raeder , October 6th, 2020

What are hormones? While biomedical notions of hormones focus on their biological functions in bodies, hormones are also cultural artifacts, shaping understandings of health, normalcy, and what it…


Web Round Up: Time to Chill? Egg Freezing and Beyond by Moira Kyweluk

Moira Kyweluk , August 1st, 2017

A focus on age-related fertility decline, and exploration of ways to expand the timeline and options for biological parenthood have been consistent cultural and web-wide fixations. The $3…


Reproductive Travelers

Alexandra Frankel , February 15th, 2017

Examining the migratory pathways of a global reproductive industry.   We’ve joined forces with AAA’s latest public education initiative “World on the Move: 100,000 Years of Human Migration”…

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Book Forum –– Nancy Rose Hunt’s A Nervous State: Violence, Remedies, and Reverie in Colonial Congo by Todd Meyers

Todd Meyers , January 6th, 2017

  When Nancy Rose Hunt suggests that her book “joins the ferment” of colonial aggressions and uncertainties “while taking up harm and pleasure in a shrunken colonial milieu and…


Taking up Space

The Anxious Anthropologist , May 16th, 2016

 Nine years ago when I started my doctoral studies not only was I in a fertile intellectual endeavour undertaking fieldwork, reading theory, stretching my brain and writing,…

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anthro in the news 9/7/15

anthropologyworks , September 7th, 2015

  Chagos update The Financial Times reported on continuing efforts in the U.K. and elsewhere by displaced Chagos Islanders to return home and receive compensation for their forced…