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Sarah Muir on her new book, Routine Crisis

| , May 10th, 2021

https://press.uchicago.edu/ucp/books/book/chicago/R/bo69688117.html Interview by Kabir Tambar Kabir Tambar: Routine Crisis is about the aftermath of the economic collapse in Argentina in 20…

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From 9/11 to 2008 and COVID-19: Signs and Wonders of a Collapsing Global (Dis)order

Maximilian C. Forte , April 26th, 2020

Part 1 of 5 of the COVID-19 Series lasting from April 26 through April 30. Corona—meaning: a crown. Travelling around the world, as if at full gallop. Firing…


What knowledge did successful hedge fund managers rely upon to survive the financial crisis of 2007-2008?

Blog – www.anthropology.ca , April 4th, 2020

When it’s over COVID 2020 will be examined as an exercise in risk management. The same was done for the financial crash of 2007-2008. Tomes have been written…

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Book Review: Athens and the War on Public Space: Tracing a City in Crisis by Klara Jaya Brekke, Christos Filippidis and Antonis Vradis

Rose Deller , February 19th, 2019

In Athens and the War on Public Space: Tracing a City in Crisis, Klara Jaya Brekke, Christos Filippidis and Antonis Vradis merge textual and visual material to focus on Athen’s…

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Ghost Exchange: Complexity, Velocity, and Risk

Maximilian C. Forte , January 30th, 2019

Increased complexity leads to increased risk. Stock markets run by algorithms, creating virtual markets that even the experts have difficulty explaining. The “flash crash,” “dark pools,” and “high-fre…


Robert Reich’s “Inequality for All”: A Documentary Review

Maximilian C. Forte , July 29th, 2018

Why is there growing inequality in wealth distribution in the US? Is inequality inevitable? If inequality is inevitable, can it be useful? Can inequality become a problem? If…


Documentary Review: “Inside Job” is Still Relevant

Maximilian C. Forte , May 25th, 2018

Lee Hsien Loong “Even as the crisis unfolded, we didn’t know how wide it was going to spread, or how severe it was going to be. And we…