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SAFN Award Winner Interviews

foodanthro , December 29th, 2020

SAFN recently announced the 2020 winners of our student awards. The undergraduate Christine Wilson paper award went to Adele Woodmansee, for her paper “‘It is Pure Criollo Maize’:…


SAFN Events at AAA’s Virtual Raising Our Voices Conference

foodanthro , October 28th, 2020

SAFN Events at AAA’s Virtual Raising Our Voices Conference For the 2020 annual meeting the American Anthropological Association will be hosting a virtual event, and SAFN members will…


From Jute Harvests to Mall Food Courts: Fostering Discourse through Food Spaces

aeadams60 , March 25th, 2019

Sarah Fouts American Studies, UMBC Blog editors’ note: This is the spring edition of the Latinx Foodways in North America series, which looks at different approaches scholars use…


2017 Christine Wilson Award Winners!

foodanthro , October 30th, 2017

We are pleased to announce the winners of the 2017 Christine Wilson Awards. These awards are presented to outstanding undergraduate and graduate student research papers that examine topics…


Teaching Food with Photos: High Point Food Anthropology

foodanthro , November 24th, 2016

After a long hiatus, we return with the next installment in our Food Pedagogy Interview Series. We hear from Dr. Chelsea Wentworth, Associate Professor of Anthropology at High…