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Ep # 70 Familial Ties and Family Debts: Susan Ellison on Alternative Dispute Resolution in Bolivia

The Familiar Strange , March 7th, 2021

The Familiar Strange · Ep# 70 Familial Ties and Family Debts: Susan Ellison on Alternative Dispute Resolution in Bolivia This week we bring you an interview with Dr…

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“It’s a lot of sand”: An anthropological take on Trump’s Syrian withdrawal

Simon Theobald , October 20th, 2019

That Syria has “a lot of sand” is meant to stand in for its lack of value. As a place that is sandy, it is not worth US…

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North Korea: The Undaunted State Tests the Limits of Empire

Maximilian C. Forte , May 25th, 2018

North Korea is an exceptional state, but unlike an imperial power it lacks a doctrine of exceptionalism. It is exceptional in that it is willing to suffer any…


Donald Trump, Empire, and Globalization: A Reassessment

Maximilian C. Forte , May 8th, 2017

“Hey, I’m a nationalist and a globalist,” Donald Trump recently declared, “I’m both”. The only way in which the two (seemingly contradictory) positions can be reconciled is by…


anthro in the news 12/19/16

Culture In Global Affairs , December 19th, 2016

Source: Getty Images beware the messenger The Herald (Zimbabwe) published a piece about recent CIA reports on Russian hacking by social anthropologist David Price, professor at St. Martin’s…


Donald Trump and Empire: An Assessment

Maximilian C. Forte , October 7th, 2016

“There is something unseemly about a nation conducting a foreign policy that involves it in the affairs of most of the nations of the world while its own…


Encircling Empire: Report #27 — Donald Trump’s “America First” Foreign Policy

Maximilian Forte , April 28th, 2016

This and previous issues have been archived on a dedicated site—please see: ENCIRCLING EMPIRE. For frequent updates, please “like” our Facebook page and/or follow on Twitter. There are…


Pepper water and protests in Haiti

anthropologyworks , June 23rd, 2015

By Scott Freeman Tear gas is not uncommon in Port au Prince. Over the past decade, whether it has been protests over food shortages, controlling political demonstrations, or…


Pushed offshore, the ‘boat people’ crisis demands regional response

anthropolitics , May 25th, 2015

In recent days, some 2000 refugees and migrants from Bangladesh and Myanmar have come ashore in Aceh, Indonesia, and Langkawi, across the Strait of Malacca in Malaysia. Thousands…