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quake champions resources

zephyrin_xirdal , May 29th, 2018

Just a collection of helpful resources for Quake Champions, created by members of the community:    The ↑Guide for Optimizing Fun in Quake Champions is a nicely done…

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crouchsliding tutorial with slash

zephyrin_xirdal , September 12th, 2017

  A crouchsliding tutorial with keypresses visible, slow motion, freeze frames, and explanation in voiceover. The tutorial aims at conveying an understanding of the basic principles, and sugges…

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forbidden places

zephyrin_xirdal , September 12th, 2017

  From Megahealth to Heavy Armor in a second or so, and more exploits of the strange qualities of the pots combined with Ranger’s Dire Orb. Going out…

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circlejumps with anarki

zephyrin_xirdal , July 29th, 2017

  Bridge to Rail is just one of the jumps in Quake Champions Anarki can do with a circlejump only. As there were quite some remarks towards that…

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bridge to rail backward and forward

zephyrin_xirdal , July 6th, 2017

  The Bridge to Rail jump done backward and forward with all champions, without using their respective special abilities. Plus a tutorial on how to do it –…

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tri-bolt and nailclimbing

zephyrin_xirdal , June 21st, 2017

  The newly introduced Tri-Bolt and the Nailgun offer climbing techniques in Quake Champions – apart from Rocketjumping. So, in principle all kinds of trickjumping and DeFRaGgery pleasant…

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party breaker

zephyrin_xirdal , May 19th, 2017

  The Quad Damage powerup can decide “Quake Champions” deathmatch. Hence it is most satisfying to frag the Quad carrier. You even are awarded with a medal called…

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beware the frying pan

zephyrin_xirdal , April 3rd, 2017

  The most ferocious weapon in “Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds!” This is actual online gameplay (nothing staged, never met the other player before), enhanced with music and sou…

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at hell’s gate

zephyrin_xirdal , March 27th, 2017

  Ten minutes of classic “Quake Live” Free for All deathmatch madness on the map “Hell’s Gate” (formerly Q3TOURNEY3). Featuring a nice comeback with some quite fun…

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grand theft time

zephyrin_xirdal , April 15th, 2015

Unfortunately I got a daytime job. That’s unfortunate—in a way, granted—’cause ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ (GTA5) for PC finally hit the storeshelves yesterday. Just retu…

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