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The Picket Line in the Digital Age

Joseph Cook , March 1st, 2018

Joseph Cook -MPhil/PhD Anthropology    @joseph_m_cook The following is the transcript from a talk given on Monday 26th February as part of a range of student-led teach-ins and…

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Science Museum Group Journal: Writing Award for Early Career Writers

Haidy Geismar , January 25th, 2018

Via Haidy Geismar, UCL The Science Museum Group Journal is a relatively new, and very exciting, open access journal that “provides an innovative voice in discussions worldwide about…

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New Radio Program: Objects of Desire

Haidy Geismar , October 10th, 2016

Every day this week, Radio Four will air “Objects of Desire” at 12.04, which explores some of the main concerns of Material Culture Studies: This is the story of…

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